A Look at the New Mazda MX

The Mazda MX is a sporty new edition to an already crowded market. This no frills vehicle is designed to offer the unrivalled performance of more expensive choices from companies such as Porsche and Mercedes. Each aspect of these cars makes them a solid entry that should be considered by a driver seeking speed and style without the high price tag.


Speed is not a selling point of the vehicle. It does reach 60 mph in roughly six seconds, but that can be misleading. Reaching 130 mph may be difficult but is possible for the vehicle. Car owners will more likely top out at around 120 mph if they really have the space to build up acceleration. It does feature a 2.0L, four cylinder engine that steadily functions to meet the needs of every driver.


Both automatic and manual transmission choices complement the simple construction. The five speed manual transmission seems to smoothly shift between gears. A rapid response works to quickly adjust to changing circumstances while avoiding an unnecessary lag. The well placed stick shift is easy to operate and sits in a convenient location on the inner console.


The body was designed to give this sports car an alluring appearance that also complements its performance. Lighter materials enhance the already established aerodynamic structure. A sleek appearance easily moves air across the surface. Some drivers may also choose to include other options that will further change the properties. These choices are solely at their own discretion but will probably not add much to overall speed or handling.

Fuel Consumption

Fuel economy is a growing concern for even the most dedicated sports car fan. Mazda has worked on this issue with very positive results. Reaching 28 mpg on highways makes it an excellent choice that overpowers other similarly ranked vehicles currently on the market. In a more congested or urban setting, drivers can rely on achieving 20 mpg. This is still above other models that feature the same elements and styling.


Suspension is created with an emphasis on tight and controlled aspects. The engineers seemingly used an approach that meant turns took precedent over other concerns. This attention to detail would be better suited for track day vehicles but finds a place in everyday drives on conventional roads.


The dashboard of the MX 5 features only a limited amount of gauges. Modern conveniences such as a touchscreen or GPS system are abandoned in favor of structural pieces. A few controls line the steering wheel, but they mostly operate functions like radio volume or current station setting. A CD player is included, but car owners seeking satellite radio must buy their own system for installation at another time. Three rounded controls offer access to a standard AC and Heating System.

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Drivers may be surprised by how well the Mazda MX performs. Its distinctive style complements a strong engine that works to accommodate any road. The automaker has produced a fun car that will be a pleasure for even the most discerning enthusiast. This new edition adds to a long line of popular cars.

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