Acura Unveils 2016 NSX at the Detroit Auto Show 2015

Acura had already made an announcement that they will showcase their next generation 2016 NSX at the Detroit Auto Show and they have finally unveiled it with loads of details. Acura has ensured that they deliver something better than the previous version and challenge some of the rival cars in the same category. To do that the all new 2016 Acura NSX is powered by mid-mounted twin turbo V6 engine that is coupled with new sport hybrid Super Handling AWD. This is a new age hybrid system that offers three electric motors for superior performance. Acura claims that the car can produce around 550 horsepower along with the new nine speed dual clutch automatic transmission.

Acura NSX

In terms of the design, the car is inspired from the earlier models, but the new version is wider and longer than the previous ones to make the cabin space bigger and comfortable. The new NSX also makes use of the advanced materials like carbon fiber and ultra high strength steel to keep the weight of the vehicle in control and to offer better fuel economy. Acura also claims that the new NSX has the lowest center of gravity to keep the car connected to the ground at all time. It also has state of the art technology to make the car more driver centric than ever before.

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