What yous hould know about floor mats

Most modern-day vehicles come with floor mats from a factory. These factory mats aren’t bad products but they aren’t heavy duty.  A thin sheet of plastic with a top cover of a rug-like material that is the same color as the car’s rugs makes up these factory mats. They almost always look nice and,if new, have a “factory-fresh smell.” We would first like to outline the difference between “custom” and “universal” car interior mats:

car floor mats

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Custom vs. Universal mats

Custom – Custom mats are an exact fit to your year, make and model of vehicle.  They will be a perfect match and will fit perfectly.  Custom mats are often carried by speciality websites and car dealers. As you may imagine, good custom mats will be more expensive than other choices.  For a good number of motorists, the price is every bit worth it because these mats fit well.

Universal – Universal mats are made to fit into many vehicles. These are the mats that you see at auto parts stores or big box stores. They are one-size-fits all designs and usually lack raised lips. Universal mats are usually made from lower-quality materials but are priced at an affordable rate.

However, if you have an active lifestyle with many outdoor activities going on like kids’ sports, boat trips and other such things, you may do well purchasing a set of either all-weather floor mats or molded liners. Consider this because these mats keep all junk off your factory carpets and there’s a great reason to do this: cleaner carpets means higher resale value; at some point the vehicle you drive is probably going to be sold to somebody.  If the carpets are seriously trashed, this is going to lower your car’s value.

All-weather “rubber” floor mats

All-weather floor mats are heavy duty mats usually made of heavy molded rubber.  They are designed to fit well and to trap liquids on top of the mat.  This assures you that dirt, sand, snow and other nasty outdoor things, like gum that you may have stepped in,will stay off your carpets until you remove and thoroughly clean the mats.

All-weather floor mats are made to be removed and cleaned and easily.  They rarely have any carpeting on them; the surfaces are usually just rubber. Manymay be hosed off with water and left out for drying before reinstallation. Essentially, all-weather floor mats are low-maintenance!

Molded liners

If you’re seeking theruggest option of all, Patrick Cadillac would like you to consider getting molded liners for your vehicle, which are molded from semi-rigid thermoplastic.  This material is flexible to a degree but they aren’t usually very soft.Another trait of molded liners is that they often come with aggressive textures and grooves molded into their surfaces.  This can make them a bit harder to clean but the traction surfaces make them sturdy products.

Molded Liners are great choices for the back of SUVs and wagons, for example, so that boxes, packages, and other luggage don’t slide around. The majority of molded liners have a raised outer lip of some 1” to 1.5” to hold fluids and other things well.

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