Tips on How to Avoid the Cops When Driving

Avoid the Cops When Driving

Our traffic rules aren’t bad things because many of these rules are there to make for a safe society.  Sometimes, however, there are rules that are not taken seriously by drivers.  In fact, some drivers totally disregard them, and it could be illegal. Keep reading for some tips on how to avoid getting pulled over!

Avoid the Cops When Driving
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Get any equipment failures repaired:

That’s right. If you see that a headlight or taillight is out, our see a crack in your windshield, get it fixed to lower your chances of a run-in with the cops. The team at this local car dealer in Douglaston, NY can help with this!

Only use the left lane for passing:

Unless you are on a congested highway, you should only be in the left lane when you are passing another car. You would be correct that a lot of drivers don’t observe this law but you should know that some states have recently started to crack down on it. Remember: if you aren’t passing a slower vehicle, stay to the right.


The law in every state: if you see a crosswalk and a person on it, you have to stop! Pedestrians have the right of way in every case. It’s interesting that in some states drivers do not take this seriously. If you were to strike a person in a crosswalk, you going to mess up multiple lives.

Turn the headlights on:

Many states require drivers to turn on their lights when it’s dark outside. The specific law varies by state, as does actual enforcement. Even if your state does not have laws about light usage while driving, do the best thing and turn them on anyway. It’s also strongly advised that you have them on in inclement weather as well!

Travel at speed limit:

Speed limits exist for a reson. Be prepared to get pulled over if you’re driving 70 mph in a 35 mph area. Many police officers list stopping speeders as their biggest priority. Cops are interested in protecting peoples’ safety, and excessive speeders can increase crash risk, as well as the seriousness of injuries from the crashes. So, do yourself a favor and drive at the speed limit. Even if it means leaving for your destination 15 minutes earlier than you would like to, you should really do this to avoid a ticket.

Put your cell phone down:

Many U.S drivers own smart phones, and that means they text. The problem with texting is that you sometimes want to do it while you are at the wheel. This represents danger, therefore, a number of states now have laws that ban texting while you are driving. We know this is tough to follow but don’t end up being the new talk on social media because you couldn’t avoid texting.Please be mindful of your actions while driving. By doing so you’re more likely to avoid the police! We hope that you liked this article!

Please be mindful of your actions while driving. By doing so you’re more likely to avoid the police! We hope that you liked this article!

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