BMW M4 GT4 Announced for 2018


In the past week BMW has announced that the BMW M4 Coupe, will have a GT4 version which will be made available to BMW buyers in the 2018 model year. The GT sports car is currently finishing production and design; from there they are hoping to start test driving the GT before the end of this year.


After that they are hoping to discover any changes they may need to make prior to release, they can make those adjustments between the end of this year and the start of 2018, which is when they hope to have it released worldwide.

Yes, the GT version looks fast, it looks sharp and sporty, as well as powerful. But oddly enough BMWs primary focus with this vehicle was the safety standards, control, and hope for low running costs. The standard consumer based M3 & M4 currently showcase great performance, which you can read about at BMW of Oyster Bay.

So when can we start expecting to see these beauties on the racetracks?

The German manufacturer, BMW is hoping to have the very first set of these vehicles made available to young drivers as early as the second-half of 2017, then we could see the GT in a race platform as early as 24 Hours of Dubai in 2018.

It will be interesting to see how the vehicle performs, as it was clear that BMW had focused more on other facets, other than the usual power and performance, that most sports car manufacturers tend to focus on. People tend to want to hear about horsepower, torque and zero to sixty times. Chances are this GT4 model will still perform at a very high level, but if you can include a bit more safety for many who are hoping to utilize these vehicles in a race environment, why shouldn’t you give them a vehicle that has driver safety in mind?

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