BMW Teams with DesignWorks for ePatrol Vehicle

Cars have become an important part of our life and therefore automobile companies are now coming up with vehicles that are made specifically for certain requirements and needs. The LA Autoshow happening in Los Angeles is right now the best place where car buyers can look out for some of the futuristic vehicles that they have made for certain reasons. Patrol vehicles have always been seen as the most important vehicle for law enforcement teams across the world. Hence, BMW has now come up with a new ePatrol that may get lot of attention at the event as there are many buyers looking out for such vehicles.

For this BMW has decided to team up with DesignWorks USA that will allow them to create better epatrol vehicles that can deliver results in the future. The company said that design teams from both the firms have decided to work together on this project and deliver stunning designs and display that can take the highway patrol vehicle to the next level. The teams claim that the car should be simple but functional in every possible way and that is what they have aimed for.

The designers said that they believe that in the future there will be more traffic on the roads and therefore the vehicle has to be faster and agile to move across the road and various streets without wasting any time. BMW claims that the new design will be able to get through the clogged roads in the future and will improve the accessibility in the future. BMW is also thinking in terms of drone technology that will be incorporated in the epatrol vehicles in the future. BMW said that they are working on design where the first drone sits on the top and can fly as well while the rest two are next to the wheels. BMW claims that in traffic jam situation the drones can fly and chase the suspect and report back to the main structure. All drones will have their individual protection options and that will keep them safe as well. The interior design of the epatrol vehicle is made from aluminum wire inside carbon fiber and polymer resin.

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