Why Buying Your Four-Wheel Drive Car from a Specialist Is a Must

If you’re looking to get a 4×4 as your next car, you’ll want to go through a specialist dealer, and there are a couple of big reasons why:

Getting What You Need

The 4×4 scene is a growing market with new makes and models popping up every year. Even an aficionado can have trouble keeping up so to a layman even knowing what their options are can seem kind of overwhelming.

Buying Your Four-Wheel Drive Car
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Not only that, but there’s so much variety among four-wheel drive vehicles it can be hard to know which one best suits your needs. It’s all too easy to sink a lot of money into a 4×4 fully equipped for off-roading when all you wanted and needed was a more heavy-duty family car for your next holiday.

If you go through specialist 4×4 dealers like Saxton 4×4 that sell and service a wide variety of makes and models, your options will be collated ahead of time and the staff will be well informed about which features are suited to which tasks. You won’t need to know that a high departure angle is great for uneven terrain or that being able to switch down to two-wheel drive is an economic must for city drivers, because they’ll be able to tell you what you need for your car to do everything you want it to.


4x4s aren’t just big hatchbacks—all that extra room is home to a lot of extra technology, some of it the most complex in the industry. This is great for getting the most out of your driving experience in terms of performance, comfort, and infotainment, but it can mean that these vehicles are a little more temperamental than most, especially if they don’t get the proper maintenance—another thing experienced professionals will be able to advise you on.

Not only will the experts at a specialised dealer be more familiar with the range of potential issues and the best places to get them sorted out, many of them offer additional cover against breakdowns, paint damage, and other problems either as standard or as optional extras.

A 4×4 is a big investment, so you’ll want to get it right first time, which is why you want to use a specialist every time.

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