Car Cleaning Tips and Detailing in Professional Ways

Most people know that they need to keep their cars clean, but only the most committed of motoring fans know the importance of regular car cleaning and detailing. Not only is keeping your car clean important for the overall aesthetic, but it also protects the integrity of the metal. Detailing is more than just cleaning: it is also a process of restoring the original condition of your car’s surfaces, from the wheels to the roof of the car.

Car Cleaning
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Detailing is how you can protect your car from the wear and tear of daily damage, resulting from factors such as debris and dirt, and sunlight. The frequency of which your car needs to be detailed depends on how your car is used. It includes how often it is driven, the conditions it is being driven in, etc. Having your car cleaned professionally can be expensive, and depending on often you tend the upkeep of your car, it can cost more than you are able to budget for. However, if you are competent enough individual, it is easy enough to clean your car yourself, and to a professional standard at that.


Make sure that you properly read the labels of all the products that you plan to use on your car, to make sure that they are suitable for your car and won’t cause damage. A common problem at amateur car washes is that they use the same cloth for the all over cleaning of the car; When cleaning your car yourself, you should purchase multiple microfiber cloths, and use a different one for your paintwork, wheels, and glass. If you are unsure of where to get these products from, you can purchase a range of sponges, mitts, and cloths from PEAK Auto. Use a car washing soap, not just any detergent, because strong chemicals in non-specific soaps could strip the paint off of your car. Remember that you are cleaning paintwork, which is easily scratched, so don’t vigorously scrub your car, or use rough cleaning materials.

The Washing and Waxing Process:

First rinse your car off with plain water to loosen and remove debris, and break down any thick dirt as just immediately beginning to wash your car could scratch the paintwork, as you would be rubbing debris into the surface of the car. Wash your car with clean mitts and sponges, using the correct amount of detergent. Once your car is clean, make sure you dry it properly to stop watermarks. A clay bar can be used to restore the smooth finish of paint and remove stubborn contaminants.

If you wish to, you can polish your car, either by hand or with an electronic polisher, to give a glossy finish. Waxing is the final step in protecting your car from sunlight and external substances which may damage the paint. It will also give your car a high-quality finish. There are different types of wax that you can use, so make sure to do your research to be certain you are using the right products.

If you are looking to save money, or if you just enjoy the process of maintaining your car, these are all tasks you can undertake yourself. However, you should only do so if you are confident about what you are doing, and are certain you have all the right products.

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