Climate Declaration from GM

General Motors becomes the first auto brand to sign Climate Declaration and show its support for our responsibilities towards climate change and environment. Ceres, the business advocacy group is behind the campaign.  The initiative from GM, the first among the 40 major U.S. companies, was announced in San Francisco at the Ceres Conference. The aim behind is to limit carbon emissions, thus promoting clean energy and reduce the impact of manufacturing on the environment. GM employs some meaningful strategies within its operations to keep the environment clean and free of pollutants.


Today, the world is at a critical stage, facing grave issues like climate change, pollution and congestion. By creating fuel efficient vehicles, GM wants to set the trend in the auto industry and act as an agent for the change. Partnering with Relay Rides, the car-sharing startup, it is transforming the way we move. Majority believe that climate change is already happening and the government officials and other corporations should take the right steps to move in the right direction to address the serious issues relating to the environment and climate. Already, President Obama has been called upon by the GM CEO Dan Akerson to set up a Blue Ribbon Commission for creating a 30-year policy framework for energy security and conservation of the environment.

GM and Ceres have been working together for more than 20 years now to refine their performance and strategies to mitigate climate impact and reduce carbon footprint. The environmental commitment from GM has been recognized with the Corporate Excellence Award from the American Carbon Registry. It also get honored by EPA Energy Star that is the highest credit for corporate energy management. In the coming years, GM intends cutting down energy intensity by 26% in the coming years, thus saving millions in energy costs. GM also happens to be the No. 1 user of solar power among the automotive industry.

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