Essentials Car Care and Maintenance Tips

Toyota vehicles are renowned for their legendary reliability. Even a Toyota cars that are over 20 years old can still be seen sprinting down the highway. Although Toyota vehicles are engineered to last a long time, they still need to be properly maintained. Here are some tips to make a Toyota last forever.

Oil Changes

The importance of routine oil changes can not be stressed enough. Regularly changing the motor oil and filter makes a dramatic difference in a vehicle’s longevity. As the miles begin to rack up, the motor oil’s additives begin to gradually break down. This means that the internal components of the engine will suffer increased wear and tear. If the owner changes the oil on a routine basis, getting 400,000 miles or more out of a Toyota is not uncommon.

Car Maintenance Tips

Wax & Wash

In order to prevent the formation of rust, the vehicle’s exterior needs to be washed and waxed in a timely fashion. It is also important that the vehicle’s undercarriage is also washed to remove the road salt and other contaminants.

Read the Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual contains valuable information. By adhering to the recommended servicing intervals stated in the owner’s manual, the vehicle will be less likely to have any mechanical problems.

Never Ignore the CEL or Odd Noises

Never ignore strange sounds or the presence of a lit check engine light. If the pittsburgh brakes are squealing, they will need prompt attention.

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