The one and only Bare-Carbon Ferrari Enzo with a Tag Price of $3.5 Million

Ferrari Enzo

If you love to buy an exclusive supercar, believe me there is nothing better than this one and only bare-carbon Ferrari Enzo. The car is standing at Exotic Motors showroom wearing a $3.5 million price tag, which seems huge, but considering the rarity and exclusivity of the supercar, the price is reasonable. Why? Let’s find out.

Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari only built 400 Enzos including this one of a kind which has an unpainted carbon body. This is even more exclusive than the 2014, 400th Enzo produced solely for the Vatican. The supercar is the work of Carrozzeria Zanasi Company, which manages a number of operations for Ferrari.

Bare-Carbon Ferrari Enzo

The Ferrari Enzo is powered by a 6.0-litre, naturally-aspirated V12 that can pump out 651 horsepower and 657 Nm of torque. Not bad for an adrenaline pump!

Ferrari Enzo supercar

The bare carbon-fiber Ferrari Enzo shows only 3,000 miles on the odometer, and seeing its outer appearance it looks as it has just come out of the assembly lines.

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