Five-Millionth Toyota Sold In Australia

The Toyota automotive company made history recently, when they sold their five-millionth vehicle in Australia. The sale was made in March 2010, and as per records, was made after Toyota had recorded figures of 2.9 million passenger vehicles, and 2.1 commercial. When the company first began, the first year sales didn’t even exceed 1300 with a humble 1275 vehicles sold. The story now is different – Toyota averages over a hundred thousand vehicles annually. Toyota has the unique distinction of being the only automobile company to ever sell over two hundred thousand vehicles in Australia each year for the last six years.

Now, with 60 months in a row as the top car company in Australia, Toyota estimates that it might end up selling over a million vehicles in the same year. It took Toyota twenty years to get up to the one-million sales mark, and now, they’re in a position to be able to sell a million vehicles in just one year. This only goes to show that Australians favor Toyota above other automobile companies when it comes to their personal and commercial transportation requirements.

David Buttner, the Senior Executive Director (Sales and Marketing) for Toyota Australia claimed that such achievements would be impossible without the support of their customers, and thanked them for their faith and trust in the company. He also stated that the reason they’ve been able to achieve such sales figures is because of reciprocity – Toyota Australia provides the best quality vehicles and service to customers, who give back to the company by remaining loyal to them through the years.

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