Get yourself the best car this season by knowing more about the Best Selling Cars Of 2011

There are so many new cars being introduced in the automobile market. People are eager to find the best selling cars to purchase or get a new car in place of the one they already have. Every year there are some cars that sell best. The same applies for the year 2011. You will have to know the list of some of the best selling cars 2011 if you want to purchase a brand new one. It can be a bit confusing trying to decide on the right one. Each car brand and make is different.

Which are the Best Selling Cars offering Economy and Reliability?

One of the best cars of 2011 is offered by Chevrolet called Silverado costing anywhere between $43000 and $20000. It is one of the stronger and dependable trucks and highly preferred by people in America. You can choose from the four engine types offered.

To select from, there are a range of fast selling cars in different cab sizes. Another small car popularly sold by Chevrolet is the Cobalt XFE. The other car from Honda a global brand is the Civic. Due to the economy and reliability offered by the car it is one of the best selling cars 2011 all over the world. The level of performance and quality has been well maintained by Honda. It is considered to be one of the best selling cars 2011 for young adults. This great car priced at $26,000 to $16,000 is a makeover from 2009 model and has all safety features. In the year 2011 the Honda has been able to achieve a lot of sales.

Best Selling Cars 2011 offer New Exteriors and Interiors:

The hybrid models are great choice to checkout. Toyota has introduced the Camry, very popular for its quality, safety, fuel efficiency and reliability. The air conditioning system is also updated by the company. Since quite some time it has proved to be everyone’s favourite car. This midsized car has seven air bags and a tyre pressure monitor.  It has been able to maintain new exteriors and interiors for popular selling cars 2011. It comes in the price range of $30,000 to $20,000. Toyota has been able to increase its sale significantly till September due to this popular car, Camry.

Hyundai offers one of the best selling cars, the Sonata, which achieved a makeover two years ago in 2009. A jump of almost fifty percent has been seen in sales after 2009. In the list of 2011 it is considered as one of the best cars of the year. Its prices range from $20,000 to $25,000.  Its interiors and exteriors are extremely stylish and modern.  There are restraints for the head, traction control and airbags totalling to six besides the standard features offered. Hyundai has plans to introduce Sonata’s chic version that has been redesigned.

Best Selling Cars 2011: Introduction of Chic Versions

Ford offers the F-Series, a pick-up truck in full size, which in the year 2011 has gained immense popularity. In the United States in the past 24 years, a model F-150 of Ford F series offered has been greatly accepted. This is definitely one of those largely sold cars. Depending upon your choice you can consider a four door pickup or a two door pickup car. This car has unmatchable safety features. It has been a long-time favourite amongst car users and is priced between $31,000 and $49,000.

Nissan’s introduction the Altima comes with the front bumper and grill along with the license plate in the rear. In the year 2011 it has become one of the most popular selling cars and extremely popular and can be availed as sedan with four doors or a coupe with two doors. Monitoring system for tyre pressure, anti-disc brakes and six airbags are the safety features. In the suspensions a few improvements have been made by Nissan. Its price ranges anywhere from $18,000 to $28,000. If you are looking for a good hybrid car then let it be Altima. It finds its place in the list of best selling cars 2011.

If you are looking towards car giving good mileage then you can select Toyota Prius giving great mileages and is an excellent hybrid car. The Smart for Two Convertible which Smart manufactures is a great master piece as far as engineering is concerned.

More best selling cars stealing the market, which are worth mentioning are:

  • An electric car, called the Nissan LEAF -a great choice for 2011
  • Japanese technology rife the Honda Civic Hybrid- hybrid car
  • The Audi 3- a cool car offering good mileage

New Improvements Made in Best Selling Cars 2011:

With many car manufactures vying for the market with best features it is truly difficult for the consumer to decide. But this healthy competition gives the consumer a wide range of cars to choose from. Automobile manufacture is not a monopoly of any one country. There are many brands from different countries in the fray and each one is trying to reach the top position in the world among best selling cars 2011.

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