Honda Brings New Technologies to 2013 Honda Insight Hybrid

Smaller vehicles are soon becoming popular all over North America and therefore Honda is look out for designs that can help them to win more customers in the United States. Now, Honda has come up with the better hybrid version of Honda Insight that will offer better and versatile hatchback design to those who wanted smaller and fuel efficient cars. The all new 2013 Honda Insight Hybrid is a low cost award winning vehicle that Honda is going to launch in the market soon. Let’s take a quick look at the top features and options in the 2013 Honda Insight Hybrid review below.


  • Honda has always thought about making some changes to Insight and the new version has better grille design that will have a blue accent bar that represents the hybrid technology that is infused in the vehicle.
  • On the other hand, the strakes ahead are extended for better direct air around the front tires and that improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle which was missing in the earlier versions. The shape of the engine bay is also changed to improve the fuel efficiency and aerodynamics of the car.
  • The changes made to the body of the vehicle will improve the aerodynamics performance by 2% while the car is in motion

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  • Honda is trying to make Insight look bigger than it is and therefore the interiors is more spacious and offers comfortable seating for five passengers. It also has 60/40 split rear seatbacks that can allow car owners to make full use of the cargo space.
  • The advanced instrumentation in the vehicle offers better key information at a glance to ensure better driving experience to the drivers.

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  • Honda is always keen on bringing out the best engines and the new Insight will have 1.3 liter iVTEC gasoline 4 cylinder engine and 10 kW electric motor that can combine together to provide 98 horsepower and 123 lb feet of torque. The vehicle is fully automatic in operation and has CVT technology for better gear management.
  • The all new Insight also comes with Eco Assist technology that can modify various options in the vehicle at the push of a button. Honda claims that this can also help car owners to improve the fuel efficiency in the vehicle while they are using it. The Eco Display in the vehicle provides feedback on braking and acceleration for better car performance.

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