Honda Environment Campaigning

2010 Hybrid Music Festival Events

Honda appears to be having several types of greening efforts and keep sending out their hybrid vehicle display, along with the Big Foot Stage, carbon offsets and more.

During music festivals of 2009 Honda appeared to be showing their sustainable efforts and more. They will be responsible for being a part of the Sasquatch Music Festival in 2010 and they are primarily the ec-partner. Since they are the ec partner, Honda will be showing off all their eco friendly products that include an entire range of hybrid vehicle like Cr-Z hybrid coupe, Civic hybrid sedan and the Insight hybrid sedan.

This amazing Sasquatch! Music Festival will showcase some of the upcoming and very talented indie rock bands along with songs and songwriters along with hip hopers and rockers. For all the music fans there will be good news because a lot of 90’s bands have also promised to turn up for the event. This includes bands like Massive Attack, My Morning Jacket, Vampire Weekend Pavement and a lot more. Almost 70,000 people come along every single year and this is possibly a great opportunity to use their campaigning for this factor.

“We have found that Honda customers are as passionate about the environment as they are great music,” said Tom Peyton, who is the senior manager of Honda national advertising. “Honda’s 2010 Hybrid Music Festival Events allow our company to merge two worlds our owners care deeply about in a fun and socially responsible way.”

They will also feature efforts to ensure that concert goers are more aware in general.

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