How to Enjoy Cheaper Motoring

If you have never previously considered purchasing a second hand vehicle then you may not realise that you could be missing out some fantastic bargains. Every day many brand new vehicles are sold; although they may be an attractive prospect when you first purchase them, they can actually lose a lot of their value within the first couple of years. Purchasing a second hand vehicle from Ford Direct can help to eliminate this sudden drop in value. Many models of vehicle are only updated every few years so there may be very little difference between your vehicle and the brand new version; if you are concerned about driving an older vehicle you can help to disguise the age of the car by purchasing private number plates; private number plates are made up of a different sequence of letters and numbers and it is impossible to be able to accurately judge how old a vehicle is that has a private plate. Visit for more information on used ford direct cars such as the used ford focus or used ford fiesta.

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A dealer you can trust

Used vehicles can purchased safely and hassle-free from suppliers such as Ford Direct; where Ford Direct differ from independent car dealerships is that they offer you complete peace of mind regarding your purchase. Before any of their used vehicles are advertised as for sale they are carefully examined and serviced by fully trained Ford mechanics. If the vehicle needs any parts replaced then this is done using only genuine parts. Sometimes when using an independent dealership you may worry that you do not know the full details, and hidden pitfalls, of the vehicle you are purchasing. By using a specialist dealer you can be guarantee d that should there be any issues with the vehicle they will be rectified quickly and easily. A warranty is also in place to protect you; usually this warranty lasts for two years although in some instances an extended warranty can be purchased to give you that protection for longer.

What to do with your old vehicle

Depending on the age and condition of your current vehicle there are several different options open to you. If the vehicle is not currently in working condition, and is beyond economical repair, then the best thing to do is probably scrap the vehicle as it may not be worth very much. If your vehicle is in working order then you can advertise it for sale; this can be done online or by using a local car dealer Directory. Selling online can be easy and the details of your vehicle will be widely available for many potential buyers to see. You can always enquire with the dealership you are buying your new car from to see if they have an exchange scheme in place. This is where the dealership keeps your old vehicle and deducts the value of it from the purchase price of your new vehicle; this can be a good option if you do not want to go through the process of advertising your vehicle privately and waiting for offers.

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