5 Best Tips To Maintain A Motorcycle

Speed and adrenaline are perhaps two best words to describe a motorcycle ride. The ride can prove to be refreshing and energetic after a long stressful day at work or university. To enjoy the ride to the fullest, it is important to have a well-maintained motorbike. Take care of it as you take care of yourself and it will stay fit for years to come. To avoid expenses and trips to your mechanic, I have compiled a list of 5 things you have to do frequently to keep your bike fit and running in optimal condition.

Maintain A Motorcycle
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1) Check Tires:

Your bike runs on tires, so it is extremely necessary to regularly check their condition. Check that the air pressure in your bike concurs with the recommendation of the motorcycle manufacturer. Also, inspect your tires for possible wear and tear like cuts or scrapes caused by gravel or other surfaces to avoid any accidents. Nobody wants to get into an accident. If you want your tires to last a long time, create a reminder to check them at least once every week. In case you find any irregularity in the tires, look for standard motorcycle tires for sale or buy cheap ATV tires (for offroaders) from

2) Check Engine Oil:

The engine oil is responsible for smooth functioning of your motorcycle engine. Check the oil filter for any leakages and change it if you spot an abnormality. Furthermore, beware of using old oil because dirty oil can hinder the piston’s movement making it hard for your engine to maintain a healthy fuel average. If you fail to check oil levels regularly and the oil runs out, your bike’s engine will seize costing you high for replacement.

3) Check the Clutch:

The clutch is a very important part of every motorcycle because it is frequently used during a ride. Adjust the clutch with regard to your hand’s comfort level. In case the wire is too tight, the clutch will slip causing you to lose control of your bike. On the other hand, if it is left too loose, it will make riding a hassle. The perfect clutch position would ensure smooth power delivery and great fuel efficiency.

4) Brakes:

Your bike must be responsive enough to stop on your command. To achieve that, the brakes should be in top condition. The frequent usage can wear down the brake pads and that increases the time bike takes to stop. So, keep your brakes in check and make sure you don’t set them too tight or too loose, as both settings can prove to be fatal. The best way to check brakes is to feel them while riding. You will literally feel the effect of weak or strong brakes alerting you to make the proper adjustments.

5) Clean the Body:

A clean looking bike is essential to impress others and keep you satisfied. In order to keep your motorcycle squeaky clean and shiny, use a MicroFiber cloth, which is also widely used for cleaning cars, to cleanse the surface thoroughly with water. However, make sure you cover the water sensitive parts like the speed dial, ignition area, the silencer and the coil before you make any attempt at cleaning.

These tips just require a little time and save you long trips to the mechanic. If you are careful with all these things, you will be able to save your precious money and time.

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