Man Finds His Stolen Chevrolet Corvette After 33 Years

They say that in the end, love always finds a way. What happened today was a perfect example of that, as a Detroit man was reunited with his car after 3 whole decades.

George Talley, 71, says he fell in love with Chevrolet’s signature sports car, the Corvette after seeing a Vette in his neighbor’s yard, so he bought one for himself.

Stolen Corvette Returned 33 Years Later

Things weren’t all good for this Detroit resident, as his 1979 Corvette was stolen from a parked location near Jefferson Avenue just two years after it was purchased. Since then, he bought three other corvettes to replace the void, but says none of them felt the same as his favorite ’79.

Stolen Corvette Returned 33 Years Later

Lucky for him, the AAA called him up on June 13 to inform him of the recovery of his Vette. With around 47000 miles on the clock, the Vette was still in running condition. However, retrieving his car from Hattiesburg, MS (where it was found) was quite a challenge.

Stolen Corvette Returned 33 Years Later

In came GM Motors to the rescue, when Mark Reuss, the executive VP for GM Product Development and a longtime Corvette owner, got taken back by his story and made arrangements to have the Corvette shipped to him for free. The car was returned in the same condition as found but needed restoration on some parts.

Stolen Corvette Returned 33 Years Later

He struck even more luck when an unnamed party decided to pay for the restoration costs of the recovered car. The car will be back from repair after a month or so and Talley will be cruising his ’79 Vette to Belle Isle.

It is true what they say; love does find a way, even if it’s 33 years later at General Motor’s Headquarters. The recovered Corvette is now under restoration process.

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