Motoring Security: Know Your Rights

Year in, year out, you’ll hear stories of people who’ve felt hard done by after having been pulled over by the cops and issues a ticket or having shelled out for repairs on their vehicle that weren’t of their own making. While conditions and laws can often change from state to state and country to country, there are some basic rights to bear in mind so that you’re never exploited when it comes to your auto, putting you in the driver’s seat for those occasions where an issue arises.

Motoring Security
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Have Your Documentation

Before looking through your rights, it’s important to point out that having your driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance in your car will save you a whole lot of hassle in most eventualities, whether it be a personal incident or a pull-over by the cops. Keep them safe in a document wallet somewhere easily accessible,and you’ll be able to breeze through any motoring mishaps with confidence and ease.

Search Consent

If an officer pulls you over and asks to search your vehicle, you are within your constitutional rights to calmly and politely refuse. Particularly belligerent cops may insist, but you are free to remain firm in your denial of their requests where this is concerned, whether or not you have anything to hide. When refusing a request to search, always do so with an air of openness and avoid antagonistic conversation – it’ll only delay your being able to drive away.

Rights for Speech

Again in the case of being pulled over by the cops, you have the right to remain silent. You’ll have to state that you’d like to exercise this right, but once this is done you are not obliged to give the traffic officer any more information about your journey or your destination. If for any reason you are arrested, you have the immediate right to a lawyer, which you should state calmly and cooperatively and ask to exercise at the earliest convenience. If you’ve got a ticket, you may be able to talk your way out of it but use caution and common sense and never issue a bribe.

In the Event of an Accident

Accidents can happen in a wide variety of ways, but you’ll always have a certain number of rights when it comes to compensation. Contact the folks at firms such as Craig Swapp auto accident lawyers for comprehensive advice and the routes you’ll be able to go down for compensation for injury, trauma, or disruption to your plans. Experienced lawyers in this area will have your back completely when it comes to claiming after a crash.

In the Event of Misconduct

Police misconduct on the road when you know your rights can be frustrating, but it’s absolutely imperative that you remain calm in order to avoid escalating proceedings and incriminating yourself. If you believe you’rebeing unlawfully treated by officers, remember there’s nothing you can do to challenge them on the street; you’ll have to wait to talk to a lawyer and submit a written complaint or a legal challenge. Simply remember the sequence of events, writing them down for future reference.

These tips should sit motorists in good stead when it comes to knowing your rights while on the road.

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