Nationwide Court Cases Over Defects in Fords

Consumers from more than fourteen states across America, including California, came forward to dispute the popular auto maker Ford’s late San st defect in their vehicles. San Diego personal injury lawyers deal with and are trained in common personal accidents such as auto defects and most law firms will see hundreds of these types of cases.  They also at times represent the plaintiffs in some larger class action lawsuits dealing with the recalling of vehicles, which just happened with Ford.

It seems Ford keeps getting their name out there on the news and this time, it’s for a defect in their cars that could have had the potential to be lethal.  While no accidents were reported this time around, the lawsuit was established because the manufacturer fault, if not caught early enough, could have led to some pretty hefty fatalities.

They’re also claiming that the motor company was fully aware of the defect seen in many of their newer models and yet did nothing to fix the problem. When Ford rolled out their newer lineup including Escapes, Focuses, and Fusions, they went the technologically advanced route and installed throttle controls for the cars, which is something that’s usually quite a good feature in a car.  Unfortunately, Ford released a good number of these models without inspecting them thoroughly and they had the potential to accelerate of their own accord.


Because the system in question was not connected to the steering in any way, drivers could still maintain control over the cars for the most part, but there would be times where they couldn’t keep the speed or gas intake under control.

There were quite a few ways that Ford could have easily fixed these issues before allowing the vehicles to leave the assembly lines such as a simple brake override mechanism, which would keep the car from speeding up and potentially swerving.  Most cars began having these mechanisms equipped in them back in the early 2000s but Ford was a little late to the game, having just begun rolling these devices out in European models in the latter half of the 2000s.  Though Ford declines to comment on this particular fact, the motor company did not think to install the same devices in their North American versions.

Seeing as Ford had installed these safety protocols into their European models of the aforementioned cars led attorneys and plaintiffs to believe that they knew what was going on and they were aware that the cars had major defects in them.  They failed to offer the same support to their American models and never once issued a recall on them.

In 2011, Ford faced a court for this particular issue on some of their older models as well.  Ford then claimed that the issues found in the cars were nothing more than driver errors and that the company was not held responsible, but the judge at the time found that the company was hiding diagnostic reports indicating that there was something suspicious about the circuitry.

Right now the lawsuit in question is against Ford for each of their vehicles that came equipped with the acceleration defect and those suing the company are seeking full compensation for having spent money on cars that were never recalled even though they had an obvious fault.  Ford has now begun installing safety devices into all of their North American cars.

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