Necessary Tools to Keep in Your Car

It’s a cold, windy night, so of course that’s when your car decides to breakdown. Are you prepared for a flat tire, a dead battery, or being stuck in mud or snow? There is no time like the present to make sure you’ve got the tools you’ll need to deal with car trouble. Here a good list of the best tools and supplies you’ll want to keep in your trunk for emergency use.

Screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers – At a bare minimum, have phillips head and standard screwdrivers, several common metric wrenches and a set of pliers.  You may want to purchase a small kit containing all of these tools with a plastic carrying case.  Most automotive parts stores carry these.

Work gloves – A set of work gloves is a great thing to have in your work kit.  You may need them just to keep your hands warm during an emergency situation.

Flashlight – Murphy’s law practically dictates that the next time your car breaks down it will be at night.
Snow Brush with Ice Scraper – A good snow brush can be your best friend.  You really should have a good one with you at all times.

First Aid Kit – It is extremely likely you will dig into a first aid kit long before your next car issue occurs.  Especially if you have children. The Red Cross suggests that your automotive first aid kit include bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, and non-latex gloves.

Flares or a LED Flashing Light  – If you’re broken down along the highway, take a tip from the truckers and carry flares, a reflective triangle, or LED flashing lights to warn other cars.

Jumper Cables – You don’t want to be stranded with a dead battery and not have jumper cables. Everyone should have a pair in their car. You’ll also then be prepared as the Good Samaritan to provide a jump to another in need.

Shovel – If you live in a climate or terrain where you might get bogged down in snow or mud, having a shovel on hand is a necessity. Get a durable, foldable shovel and you may be very glad you did when your car gets stuck.

Fix-A-Flat – Don’t want to mess with changing a tire? Fix-A-Flat is an aerosol can that when sprayed into a wheel fills the tire and seals the leak from the inside. Fix-A-Flat is good for just a temporary fix but it can get you home in many situations.

Sand or Kitty Litter – Sand or clean kitty litter will also help provide traction if you get caught in snow.

Nothing is more frustrating than having car problems on the road and realizing that the tool or supply you need is back home in the garage. And these suggestions are just a start. Other supplies you may want to consider are a blanket, water and food, and more. Take a few minutes now to equip your car with the necessary stuff, and you can drive with peace of mind.



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