New Kids on the Road: Car Manufacturers You Might Not Have Heard Of

Most people will be able to name several major motor manufacturers and most of us will probably have our favourites, but there are many new companies making serious inroads into the motor industry market. As it evolves in the light of pressures from high fuel costs, eco-awareness and the continuing changes in global economies, certain firms could prove to be driving forces – so what car manufactures should you start to become familiar with?

Tango Commuter Cars

This streamlined city car isn’t cheap, but its unique slim design may well make it literally the shape of things to come. Firmly aimed at the urban environment, the striking space efficient profile makes it stand apart from its competitors and makes this manufacturer one to watch.

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Coda Automotive

Coda has a contract to provide electric cars to Hertz and as such, it could well become one of the most common badges on electric cars in a very short space of time. Based in California, the cars are assembled there after parts are imported from China.

Great Wall

Having launched in the UK and Europe a couple of years ago, Great Wall Motors has already made a significant impact on the commercial sector with its signature pick-up truck model ‘The Steed’. With an ethos that includes using advanced construction methods to ensure reliability and safety, as well as providing passenger comfort levels usually found in high end SUVS, Great Wall looks likely to widen its appeal and awareness in 2013.

Noble Automotive Limited (NAL)

There is a great English tradition of eccentric motoring and NAL look like following in the footsteps of TVR, Bristol and Morgan, with their high speed, top spec engineered supercharged models. With vehicles capable of reaching as 0 to 60mph in only 3.5 seconds and top speeds of around 185 mph, these are definitely niche models.

There is also an end-of-life programme, where the company will dispose of old Nobles in an environmentally responsible way for no charge to the owner – a great way to a green future.

Wheego Electric Cars

Another ‘Smart Car’ lookalike, Wheego’s electric cars, offer a driving range of 100 miles and a top speed of 65 mph, setting them apart from many other electric car manufacturers who aim their products firmly at the inner-city driver market.

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