Nissan’s New Car Launched

Nissan LEAF

Nissan has finally announced the delivery of the Nissan LEAF. Now this is going to be an extremely affordable and well marketed car with almost zero emission and fuel efficiency levels. Already it has become up for pre ordering in Japan and this has become a very important part in the entire process of getting these new vehicles ordered and sent out for customers to buy.

The Nissan Chief Operating Officer known as Toshiyuki Shiga also announced that at the very start of April 1st all the consumers will also be able to visit dealers and the customers will also get to get all their order done from Nissan LEAF.

Prices for this amazing car start at 3.76 million yen in Japan. The Japan government has also decided to provide some sort of an incentive to the selling of Nissan LEAF and at this rate possibly the car will stay priced at 2.99 million yen.

Keeping the Nissan LEAF might prove to be somewhat of a challenge because the entire car runs only on electricity. The electricity cost for six years of owning the car will amount to a whopping 86,000 yen and in contrast to this gasoline run cars are way less priced.

“While a car in a similar class emits around 10 tons of CO2(*2) in the course of six years, Nissan LEAF produces zero emissions while driving,” said Mr. Katagiri. “Nissan LEAF is an attractive, affordable EV that will introduce a new way of mobility for our customers.”

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