Porsche Boxster S Review

Porsche Boxter S is really very good and acts like an incredibly grown-up big car. Ever since it was introduced, Porsche has been fiddling and upgrading the roadster nearly every year, keeping face with the competition and making it look modern. The 2013 Boxster rides on a new platform and offers an inarguable excellence. Read on to get an insight on Porsche Boxter S review.

Exterior and Interiors

One can see more drama in the exterior styling of the 2013 Boxster. That subtle chamfering at the hood, and the rear deck following a gentle curve, give it a tougher and harder look. There are new headlights, and a GT-ish ridgeline that runs through the rear lamps. Wheels are 18s and one can even find 20s that are huge. The body of the Boxster S is made from a somewhat conventional combine of steel and alloy, Porsche Boxter S interior redesign boasts of crisp, completely prejudiced switchgear and that Red leather upholstery is worthy of Italian fetishists. Full-color LCD graphics, multifunction navi-touch and luxurious interiors make the new Boxster massively satisfying and best in class. The magnesium frame that makes the top section is super light. The roof can work in just 9 seconds.

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Engine and performance

Porsche Boxter S gets power from a rather unstressed version of the 3.4-liter engine which is pretty fantastic. The engine is silenced by its efficient electronic mapping at low speed but at higher speeds, the sound can get big and emotional as the plumbing for exhaust opens up. The 911′s distinctive 7-speed manual transmission will be missing in the new Boxster.  One gets a choice of PDK seven-speed automated transmission and six-speed manual for the gearbox.

2013 Porsche Boxster S motivates the driver to apply the accelerator peddle, thanks to the light-weight and peppy mid-engine rear-wheel-drive. The old hydraulic steering gets replaced by the electric power-steering which allows for precise control and clearly communes the movements of the car to the driver.

Rounding up Porsche Boxter S review, it is unbelievably fun to the drive and you just cannot resist from unleashing the power of the car, once behind the wheel. You get a satisfying roar from the new Boxter S and hear a glorious growl of the exhaust.  Get some boost instantly once you push the car a little harder. This is going to be great fun on the road.

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