What to Do After Your Red Light Ticket

Many Californians run a red light while seeing a bright flash. They then go home and anxiously await the ticket to arrive in the mail. Generally, in California, red light tickets can cost anywhere between $490 and $525. It is worth it for you to hire a red light camera ticket lawyer from Ticket Clinic to defend you. As well, here are some things you can do on your own to have a greater likelihood of success.

Red Light Ticket
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Hire a Traffic Lawyer:

Even if you have the income to pay $500 for a ticket, there is still the matter of accumulating points on your record. In California, if you acquire four points within 12 months, then your license will be suspended. These points can add up quickly if you are not careful, so having a California ticket lawyer review your case can help you avoid more serious consequences down the road.

Organize Key Details:

Gathering evidence will be your best bet for fighting your case. Some items you want to gather together before your court date include:

  • Your registration and insurance information
  • The weather conditions the date the picture was taken
  • The date the ticket was issued and the time of day
  • Radar readings

You should even recollect details you do not think are important, such as the color of the clothing you wore. Prosecutors occasionally use inconsequential details to win a case, and the more prepared you can be, the higher your chances of success.

Prepare for Your Court Date:

You should have a professional outfit ready to wear to your court appearance. The judge and prosecutors take every detail into consideration, so take this matter seriously and dress for the occasion. You should also practice good manners beforehand. You should also be ready to bring a notepad with you, so you can take notes during the trial. By knowing exactly what someone said, you can ask the right questions. For help with all these and more, make sure to get in touch with experienced attorneys from Ticket Clinic by calling 1-800-248-2846.

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