Terrible Car Model Names

Some vehicle model names have gotten famous, like “Chrysler” for example; others, well, they haven’t.  Here is a list of some model names—in no particular order–that just didn’t make sense.

Kia K900:

Kia K900

This car had so many features, however, with “K9” in the model’s name people may have thought that this was for dog-oriented people, or that it competed in races or shows.

Ford Probe:

Ford Probe

This vehicle was supposed to replace the Ford Mustang.  The first error was replacing the Mustang name with another one. “Mustang” is a fantastic name. Maybe Ford started to think that this vehicle was a spaceship for some reason, we really have no idea.

Ford Escort:

Ford Escort

We don’t know about this name, either. “Escort” is an often-used name for a call girl.  Who decided on this name? Again, we have no clue.

Dodge Dart Swinger:

Dodge Dart Swinger
Image by Pixabay

The Dart Swinger came out in the 1970s when the name was more family-oriented. Today the word swinger refers to those who live in an “open marriage.”

Diahatsu Scat:

Diahatsu Scat

In English, “scat” refers to some animals’ bowel movements. In Japan, though, it must mean something different. We’re guessing it means “moving quickly.”

Buick LaCrosse:

Buick LaCrosse

It is hard to tell where this name originated, perhaps from the sport.  The issue for French speakers is that “LaCrosse” has sexual connotations.

Chevrolet Nova:

Chevrolet Nova

In Western society, “Nova” is a term to refer to an exploding vehicle.  In Spanish, it is like the term “no va” which means “no go”. You want a vehicle to “go,” right?

Renault Wind:

Renault Wind
Image by CarPixel

A good vehicle but you can imagine the puns you would be subjected to concerning “wind.” You know, like “passing wind” and that type of thing.

Skoda Yeti:

Skoda Yeti

This name isn’t so bad.  We can’t figure out what Soviets had in mind with this one, however, the Skoda Yeti is a mythical creature for Westerners.  If the Skoda Yeti is a fabulous car for winter climates, it might actually be a good name.

Studebaker Dictator:

Studebaker Dictator

This was a vehicle from the 1930s. The term “Dictator” did not have the same meaning that it does today. Nowadays we think of people like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini when seeing or hearing the word “dictator.”

Nissan Moco:

Nissan Moco

In Spanish, moco means “mucus.” Gross. Who wants to drive a vehicle called mucus? No one we know, because mucus is one of the most annoying and gross things ever.

Mazda Bongo Friendee:

Mazda Bongo Friendee
Image by Wikipedia

You will not know what this vehicle truly is until you see a picture. The name may sound like a mobile circus with bongo-playing band members, however, that is not the case here. It was a vehicle perfect for hauling tons of people, and some even had pop-up canopies!

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