The Energized “Extenso” Lamborghini Unleashed

Reiter Engineering who partner with Lamborghini recently declared about the launching of an all-new Gallardo GT3. The model is an upgraded racing form of the renowned Gallardo. The enhancements will improve aspects of width, power and weight of the famous Gallardo FL2 GT3 auto. Reiter Engineering describes the new Gallardo version as a wide-ranging and far stretched FL2 improvement, a reason it’s called “Extenso.”

new Gallardo Extenso

Reiter Engineering remarks that the idea behind the new version of FL2 was to ease the driving experience of a fast racing car and assist drivers who have not yet gained the “Platinum” status. In that effect, the rear width has been increased to cut on the downforce of the rear. That also translates to a reduction in drag and hence yielding more speed for drivers. Selling at $309,500, the Gallardo GT3 has become widened from 76 inches to 81 inches maximum for FIA racing series. The weight has also been reduced from 2624 pounds to 2590 pounds through the use of carbon rears.

new Gallardo Extenso

Marking Hans Reiter’s idea, who owns Reiter Engineering, creating an easily driven vehicle by semi-professional racers has become real. These enhancements above will inevitably create a smooth ride for both and unprofessional racers.

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