The Young Driver’s Checklist

With the help of Book Your Theory Test Online Ltd, potential drivers can have their driving preparation covered with ease. But for those keen to learn about the next step and plan ahead, it’s always good to get to grips with some of things you’ll need to consider as a new driver. No first car should be without the following factors – give yourself the best possible start in life and consider these carefully.


It goes without saying that fuel should be considered carefully when purchasing your very first car. With so many fuel options available to you (petrol, diesel, liquid petroleum gas etc), you need to be sure of the right fuel for your car type. Petrol can cause irreversible damage if used in a Diesel engine and vice versa so be sure to employ the appropriate care and maintenance.


As a first-time driver, it’s crucial to make sure you’re covered for any eventuality when out about with the backing of a trustworthy insurance policy. Take your time to shop around for insurance deals that suit you uniquely. The online car insurance market is brimming with insurance packages – if you’re unsure, just ask friends and family for advice on the best insurance option for you.

Safety features

In addition to the basic forms of security such as basic locking and alarms, some cars on the market are fitted with improved security measures such as central locking and surrounding airbags for protection in the event of side-on impacts. Features such as this can make all the difference in a crash situation and are worth looking into whether you invest in them immediately or make the safety modifications as you go.

Young Driver’s

Green credentials

Consider the green potential of your first car. This may not always possible with your first ever purchase, but it is well worth looking into for the many benefits it can provide. In our first car we long for efficiency and reliability (as well as nurturing the fantasy that it will be an Aston Martin). An eco-friendly car can provide the former in spades – tax for example is dependent on the amount of CO2 emissions, so with a green car comes fewer carbon emissions and a lower tax rate!

Considering these options in advance can give you assurance for the future – but don’t let the prep stop there. Your theory test is the best preparation for life on the road, shaping your performance and aptitude as a driver. Arrange yours the easy way on your own terms with Book Your Theory Test Online Ltd and enjoy the added benefits of learning tools that will see you pass with flying colours.

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