Tips and Guidance for Buying a New Car

by wishymom

Everyone likes buying a new car; it offers a new driving experience and you never know quite what to expect, which is all part of the excitement. However, it is easy to get carried away when you are thinking about buying a new car, and with so much choice on the market, it can be difficult to make your decision.

It is best not to make any quick decisions when it comes to buying a new car and in this guide we provide you with some considerations that you should make before committing to a purchase:

Set a budget

Before you even start looking at cars, you need to set yourself a budget. You should think about selling your existing car too, as this will influence the amount of money you have at your disposal.

Will you part exchange it with a car dealer or will you sell it privately? These are some important decisions that need to be made and it is a good idea to weigh up other costs aside from those incurred by buying the car itself. You should consider how much your car will cost you to run and what maintenance, insurance and road tax costs are likely to be.

Target your search

You will want to choose the right car for you. You need to decide what you will be using the car for. Will you be using it for business and if so, will you be considering purchasing a van? If the answer is ‘yes’ you may want to consider van insurance over traditional car insurance policies, as you need something that matches your needs perfectly.

Find the right price

You should always try and get the best deal on your new car purchase too. If you are buying from a car dealer, then you should always try and haggle the price so that you end up with the best possible deal.

If you are part exchanging with a car dealer, then it is worth getting a quote on your car before you decide to go and sell it. This way, you have a rough idea of what your vehicle is worth and mean you’re well-informed when negotiating.

Alternatively, try and get some extra equipment included in the price of your new car, such as car mats and alloy wheels. These can add to the value of your car and provide a good compromise if the seller is unwilling to budge on their asking price. If you know that a new model of car is coming out, then you might be able to get the older model for a cheaper price, so it’s worth doing some research beforehand so that you can get the right vehicle at the right price.

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