Top 3 Mopar Cosmetics for Your Car

So you bought your car with stock features, stock upholstery, stock this and that? But now you are wishing you had leather, or some flashy wheels, etc. The good news is you don’t have to buy or trade in your car to have most of these features and options.

The simple answer is Mopar parts and accessories. This spans from tech, exhaust, cosmetics, interior upholstery, and much more. So we took the time to put together just a few Mopar additions that many will like to consider adding to their vehicle, instead of trading in.

Leather interior please: So you are tired of the cloth upholstery, because it’s a pain to clean at times, it captures dust, dirt and other dander, but most of all, it just doesn’t look as fresh and clean as a nice leather interior. So instead of buying a new vehicle that comes with a leather interior, upgrade your current vehicle with nice custom Katzkin leather upholstery. Some of the best leather in the entire automotive industry comes for the crafty folks at Katzkin. Now this is a very important piece of information for those looking to buy a new car, and those who may wish to consider upgrading to Katzkin in the future. Avoid the leather option for your vehicle, go with the cloth upholstery, and save yourself some money initially.


Remote Starter: Now if you are going with leather interior, and you live anywhere that includes cold winters, this next piece is an absolute must, and a no-brainer. Nothing is worse than waking up one cold winter morning, rushing to get ready for work, then jump in your freezer box car, or have to scrape your windshield, or worst of all sit on frost bite cold leather seats. Install a remote starter to help remove a lot of that frost, warm your interior up, and don’t ruin your mornings so you can enjoy that ride into work.

Cargo Trays for your Trunk: With Winter coming up, you likely will find yourself having to keep muddy shoes, car scrapers, gloves, and all that in the trunk of your car. So it would be ideal to have something that you can place in your trunk that conforms to your trunk, but also provides some protection, so your trunks upholstery doesn’t ruin, stain or rot. It also allows you to organize your trunk with a bit more ease.

Now these are just a few of the great choices you can add to your current vehicle, to make it up to date, so you don’t feel so pressures to purchase a new vehicle. Because with Mopar parts and accessories you can enjoy your old vehicle, as thought it was a new vehicle.

Source: Parts & Accessories at Kolosso Chrysler

Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

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