Trick out your Truck: A Guide to Pickup Accessories

Maybe you’ve just purchased a brand-new truck, and you can’t wait to add on to it and make it your own. Otherwise, maybe you have a trusty old pickup that you want to hang on to, but could use a little something to keep it fresh. Either way, there are plenty of accessories on the market to enhance or improve your pickup’s performance, utility, and appearance. Our friends with Rockland Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram helped us put together a list of some of the most popular pickup accessories and how you can use them to give your truck that boost you’re looking for.

Trick out your Truck
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Bed Covers: Generally offered in both hard and soft varieties, bed covers are one of the rare vehicle accessories that scores high in both form and function. Smoothly covering up the bed, and any cargo you have rolling around in it, a bed cover not only gives your truck a sleeker appearance, but also cuts down on wind resistance. Bed covers can also protect your cargo for the elements, and no one wants to get caught in a rain storm with a nice piece of furniture, valuable supplies, or other important cargo exposed in an open bed! In addition to keeping your cargo safe from ran and snow, many bed covers can be locked shut, keeping your valuables protected from theft.

Bed Liners: Just as you might want a bed cover to keep cargo safe, you may also want to opt for a bed liner to keep both your truck and your cargo safe from each other. Exposed metal can be tough on wood or other cargo, and metal supplies like chains can scratch the paint in your bed and lead to rust. This can all be avoided with a bed liner. Made from molded plastic specially shaped for your truck, or available in a spray-on version that can coat any bed, bed liners offer a durable layer of protection between your bed and the things you put in it.
Tie Downs: Some trucks already come with built-in cleats or tie downs, which give you points to anchor ropes, chains, or bungee cords and secure your cargo. These are pretty much essential if you plan on transporting any kind of large cargo, such as furniture, small machines, or appliances. If your truck doesn’t have them, or if it doesn’t have enough, never fear. You can purchase tie downs through a dealer or auto parts stores and have them professionally installed.

Mud Flaps: The main purpose of mud flaps is fairly obvious, given their name; they protect your vehicle and others from mud, water and debris kicked up by your tires. In addition to this, however, mud flaps have become a way for truck owners to express their individuality. Countless patterns and designs are available, so you can represent your favorite sports team, your truck’s brand, or anything else. You can also get custom made mud flaps to display your own unique message or advertise your business, if you use your truck for work.

Storage Boxes: Available through your dealer or auto shop, in-bed storage boxes are a great way to expand your storage space for smaller items, or valuables that you want to be able to lock away. Bolted into the bed, these boxes are incredible secure, and add another layer of protection from the outside elements, loss, and theft. Some of our favorite in-bed storage boxes are RAM’s exclusive RAM Box system.

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