Trion Set to Launch 2000bhp Hypercar ‘Nemesis’ By 2016

Trion Supercars (TSC), a California-based automotive company, unveils plans of launching its 2000bhp hypercar ‘Nemesis’ whose production is to begin in January 2016.

The Nemesis, which boasts a twin-turbo V8 engine mated with an eight speed sequential transmission, can hit 0-62mph in just 2.8 seconds and claims to have a top speed in excess of 270mph rivaling that of Koenigsegg’s 273mph and Bugatti Veyron’s 268mph.

Trion Supercars

The hypercar also features switchable modes including a ‘Predator Mode’ which can adjust the car’s suspension height, exhaust noise, shade of interior illumination along with the rev limit.

Trion Supercars

Other features of the car include a lightweight carbon-fibre body, four wheel drive, improved aerodynamics, carbon-ceramic disc brakes, in addition to six piston front calipers and four piston rear calipers.

Trion Supercars

The hyper car’s interior is equipped with a digital dashboard, internet connection, comfortable seats which can facilitate tall drivers, and a storage space sufficient to accommodate golf clubs.

Trion Supercars

The Nemesis is currently in its development phase and its prototypes will be ready by February 2015. The hypercar with its ultra luxury and high performance will wear a price tag of $1 million and only 50 cars will be manufactured initially, as per the requirements of customers.

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