Voice Recognition Car Technology Is Advancing

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Voice recognition provides the best option to give out commands for different functions while driving. All that’s required is a press of a button, and you have a voice guiding you through a route, reading a text message or calling someone without you having to do anything.

The technology behind voice recognition has improved in vehicles. Chrysler has presented one of the best voice-command systems in the form of Uconnect.

The technology has not only remained to two-seaters, but has also made way for vehicles such as the 2013 RAM 1500 pickup truck, and the integrated system is one of the best out there.

The speed at which voice recognition technology is being deployed makes you think it wouldn’t be long when such technology also arrives in handicapped vehicles such as wheelchair vans for sale and other similar offerings.

UConnect has worked well so far because the navigation system contains destination entry known as ‘one shot’. In most cars, the driver has to tell different details of the address such as the house number, city, state, but in the Uconnect Access featured in RAM 1500, the driver just has to speak to the system once and it does the job pretty well.

QNX Software Systems Limited also announced a new framework as a part of QNX CAR application platform, which will allow car-based applications to gain access to the speech recognition technology of AT&T Watson, which can result in a cloud server coming into play to provide the best recognition with the lowest possible latency.

The AT&T Watson speech engine will be able to recognize words and develop them into patterns. The cloud will provide the results to the car, where the rest of the analysis will be performed by QNX Software Systems. QNX car application platform will reduce efforts made by the automotive industry to come up with infotainment systems for voice recognition.

Nuance Communications also teamed up with an auto maker from China known as BYD for a new sedan that will integrate Nuance’s technology of voice recognition. The sedan was launched at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2013 by the name ‘Si-Rui’. It will allow drivers to control the functions inside the car with their voice. The functions that can be operated include DVD player, media player, radio and the navigation system.

Si-Rui’s system isn’t biometric however, which means the experience can’t be customized. If it was biometric, the driver would be able to adjust height of the seats, the angle of the mirror, check for climate control and save notifications through the navigation system.

Nuance is the leader in technology biometric systems and also working on a technology that will allow drivers to keep their health in check. Voice commands will be able to tell the blood pressure, insulin and glucose levels of the driver and all the data will be connected to the cloud.

Apart from Nuance, other tech giants also want to tap into voice command technology used in the auto industry. Apple’s Siri plans recently took a roadblock, but that isn’t stopping others such as Microsoft to announce plans.

Redmond now wants to introduce new functions. The company helped in the development of communications system that’s hands-free in Ford, but the designers and engineers working in the automotive section at Microsoft say they’re just warming up.

Voice recognition car technology will only get more interesting with the developments going on.

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