Where Should Your Next Car Come From?

A car of any make, model or price is a significant investment. This means that finding the right one is essential, and one of the best ways to feel confident in your purchase is to be sure about where you’ve got it from. After all, if you speak with a dodgy dealer, you might regret your decision further down the line if anything should go wrong (touch wood that it doesn’t!).

Therefore, we thought it necessary to come up with three pauses for thought. Hopefully, once you’ve finished reading this comprehensive guide, you’ll be in a better position to go out there and find your dream car.

New or Used?

Before you even start considering where you’re going to locate your car, you need to spend a little bit of time thinking about whether you’re going to look to the new or used market. Obviously, the main factor here is budget. You can get a better car for less money on the used market, but if you want something that’s never been driven before – and therefore guaranteed to be less problematic – you’re going to want to go new.

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Online or Offline?

The decision of whether to go for new or used vehicles is 100% relevant to the discussion of where you’re going to get your next car from, as it’s much easier to look for used cars online. Therefore, if you are going to go down the used car market route, it’s best looking at online marketplaces, as you’ll be able to look at pictures and start a dialogue with the current owner all from the comfort of your own home. If you’re not sure whether you’re going to go new or used, marketplaces like Motorpoint are a good shout, because they offer both new and used vehicles in the same online space.

Can New Technology Help You?

As a piece of advice to leave you with, you might be able to narrow down your search for that perfect new car using modern technology. For example there’s a great “car chooser” app on the Top Gear website if you’re indecisive. Moreover, if you’re looking to get your existing car valuated to find out how much it’s worth to a potential buyer, you could use the What Car Valuator app.

Hopefully, you’re now a bit more clued up as to how to find your next car. It’s never going to be an easy task with so many options, but hopefully our advice has made those options a little more transparent.

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