6 Job Skills that Every Employer Looks for in a Candidate

Finding a job in today’s market is certainly a tough task because of the economic conditions that have job creation at an all-time low while employers are getting choosier when it comes to picking out potential employees. There are some skills that are too outdated now and employers do not expect them to be necessary anymore, while some others have caught their attention and continue to do so.

Job Skills

Having these six skills on your resume should catch the eye of every employer that views it and eventually, increase your chances of being shortlisted and even hired.

Critical Thinking

This may seem like something you do on a daily basis, but not having it on your resume is a major mistake that job-seekers are missing out on nowadays. Critical thinking is the process of using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of something and is a skill that employers want to have in their employees.

Problem Solving

Identifying problems is not the biggest issue, the actual issue is finding out how to solve those complex problems. They use this to identify information and develop out of the box solutions that help in raising the effectiveness of company processes.

Analyzing is an equally important skill that is not present in everyone, despite whatever they may say and must be developed.

A Good Listener

Knowing what is going on around you is the biggest way figure out what to do with all that knowledge at hand. It is not necessary that everyone who is a good problem solver is a good listener. It is also possible that a good listener is naturally a good problem solver because of that.

Computers and Electronics

IT Know-how is compulsory when it comes to getting employed in today’s technological advanced world of hardware, software and application. Having a little know-how of mobile and wireless technology is always a good way to make an impression as well on the positive side.


The ability to monitor yourself and the performance of the people around you is also another valued skill in the business world and can separate you from all those other applicants out there. Make sure to update your resume with the skill of being able to monitor and assess your own performance and organizations to make improvements in the necessary areas and where some gaps need to be filled.

Sales and Marketing

While programming or some other technical skill may seem far more important, the ability to sell something to someone is still a genuine form of art not many people are aware of. It is the knowledge of principles and methods for promoting a product or services to either consumers or other businesses and definitely requires true talent and hard work to master. Also, product demonstration and sales control systems are those which not many people are aware out and will definitely force the employer to go through your resume twice.

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