Automatic Gates – Which Gate System is best for my business?

Choosing the right gate for your business can be tricky. Security gates come in a variety of functions, shapes and sizes, all designed to meet different security needs and technological requirements.


So, what are the big differences between a manual security gate and an automated one? What sort of automated gate should you be using? And what actually are your security needs, these are some of the important security questions you will need to address when determining what security gates you will need.

Why an Automated Gate?

Automatic security gates are incredibly useful for businesses that wish to control access to certain areas. For example, if you worked in a lab then a security gate may be in place to prevent someone that doesn’t work there from entering the premises. They’re a great way to add additional security to the work site as well as offering a technological convenience that manual gates don’t have. Operated remotely, you can monitor and control who enters and exits the premises.

Let’s look a little more in-depth at a specific type of automated security gate and how it works.

Automated Sliding Gates

The automated sliding gate has been developed to resist any unauthorised entry onto the premises of your business. Security fencing company Paramount Steel Fence provide sliding gates that use heavy duty steel boxing with serious strength and maximum durability, as well as a sophisticated automatic system that provides:

  • Detection of approaching vehicles
  • Emergency stop buttons
  • Protection system to monitor the gate
  • An advanced safety system to minimise the effect of accidents to people and vehicles.

Sliding gates like this are both incredibly durable and reliable, making it ideal for a diverse range of environments. These gates are simple to install and will automatically reverse if a vehicle is detected, so there’s no need to worry about people’s cars getting damaged. Overall, an automated sliding gate offers increased security as well as minimising any potential dangers associated with technology of this kind.

Double leafed sliding gates are used in locations such as airports and ports, whereas single leaf configurations can be manufactured to fit various road widths.

The sliding gate is just one of the many different types of automated security fare. Be sure to research the materials, widths, heights and functions of any security gate before making a purchase, and before you know it you’ll have the most sophisticated security at your fingertips.

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