Smart Techniques That Will Help Boost Your B2B Coverage

If you are launching your B2B campaign, you’re most likely creating a B2B press coverage. Writing a B2B press coverage is as easy as ABC; however, promoting it to reach a very large audience is not an easy task.

You will also have to consider managing your B2B data in the cloud. According to B2B Integration Services, “As your applications move the cloud to take advantage of economies of scale and unmatched agility, so too should your integration operations.” Integration allows you to focus on the tasks at hand that allow you to increase your coverage.

When you’re thinking about your campaign, a focused attitude will guide you to smart techniques that will in turn boost your B2B press coverage. Today, we will be talking about these techniques to increase your B2B coverage.

Boost Your B2B Coverage
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Seven Effective Techniques for Boosting B2B Coverage:

1. Include It in Social Media Profiles

If you have a social media profile in one of some popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn then you could include it in your profile and refer to your press coverage by saying, “My article is featured in….” This way, you can also mention the name of the publication.

Regardless of the number of your followers, it’s still good to share your campaigns on social media. You don’t know if the only person to see what you share can make it go viral. Anything can become viral in social media, so you should not forget sharing your press coverage to your social media friends or followers.

2. Incorporate It in Your Promotional Materials

If you are planning to release brochures, catalogs, leaflets, email newsletters, and direct mail, you can incorporate this into your B2B press coverage. You can have a screenshot of it or attach an entire article. This will increase your authority and credibility.

3. Link It from Other Sites

You may post your B2B press coverage on a publication site. If you think its audience is not enough, you can do guest blogging and link to it in order to drive more visitors to see it.

4. Include It in the About Us Page of Your Company Website

Just like adding it to your social media profile, you can also do the same on the about page of your company website by quoting it or linking to it.

5. Blog About It

Blogging is one of the best ways to boost your B2B press coverage. You can promote it to your existing readers by featuring it as one blog topic. You can also post a series of blogs about it as long as you want.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is not just about sending email offers and promotions. This is also another way to get in touch or communicate with clients and prospects. You can include your press coverage in your email marketing, so you can show your audience how credible you are.

7. Paid Advertisement

If you want to reach as many viewers as possible, you can resort to paid advertising. The good thing about this strategy is that your press coverage can be seen across the internet on various websites.


There are a lot of ways to boost your B2B campaign, and promoting your B2B press coverage is one of them. By following today’s smart techniques your B2B coverage will excel. Besides your B2B coverage, these smart techniques can be used in every niche of business for both personal and brand recognition that will create awareness and added profits.

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