5 Ways Your Business Can Use Video For Better Customer Service

Your business lives or dies by what your customers think about it. That doesn’t mean that every customer you have needs to love your business, but having high customer satisfaction can do wonders for your profitability. Even just increasing your customer retention (a direct byproduct of high customer satisfaction) by 5% can improve profitability for your business by up to 75%, according to a study commissioned by Bain.

The best way for you to improve customer satisfaction, and thereby improve customer retention is by focusing on your customer service. One way that you can dramatically improve customer service is by using video to help better meet your customers’ needs. Here are five ways that you can incorporate video to improve customer service today.

5 Ways Your Business Can Use Video For Better Customer Service
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Create FAQ Videos:

Like most businesses, you most likely have to field some of the same questions over and over again. Instead of continuing to subject your customer service team to the same repeated questions, take a moment to aggregate some of the most common questions into a list and record a 1-2 minute video that answers each question. This video can show your customers how to solve this problem quickly, and it will give your customers a more immediate solution to these easy-to-solve problems than contacting your support team.

Implement Live Video Chat For Customer Service Sessions:

While not all customers will make use of live video chat for customer service requests, offering live video is one of the best ways for you to show that you really care about your customer and their experience. What a live video chat does is gives the impression of an in-person support session, without the cost or headache of doing so. Delivering that amount of value isn’t that hard either, as video chat services like allow you to create a stable, high definition connection between two devices with varying connectivity speeds, all with just a few lines of code.

Record Longer How-To Videos:

There are some aspects of your business that can’t be distilled down into a 1-2 minute video segment, but that can still benefit from being made into a video. Trainings are a common choice for video recording, and recording a training seminar or breaking a training seminar down into multiple 5-15 minute videos allows you to solve more complex problems for customers while eliminating the need for them to contact support to get help.

Record Customer Testimonials:

As you begin to improve your customer service, you’ll naturally have customers who can’t stop raving about your company. Have them take some time to record that testimonial into a bite-sized video. This can be easily displayed on your website, and it gives other potential customers the opportunity to hear the value that your business can create, straight from the mouth of a satisfied customer. That’s the best recommendation that you can get for your business.

Host Onboarding and Training Webinars:

The first impression that your customer has of you is during the onboarding session. You will want to make the best impression possible, and that’s something that you can do better by hosting an in-person onboarding session. This isn’t always possible, but using a webinar as a replacement for an in-person training is an excellent substitution, and a live webinar allows you to train customers on your product or service while taking questions and targeting the webinar to the needs of the customer. It also dramatically reduces the cost of that training, versus hosting an in-person onboarding.

Using video is essential to improving the customer experience online, and the five recommendations above will get you well on your way toward using video across your organization. Have you started using video already? Let us know how your business is using video in the comments.

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