Six Add-On Business Ideas for Your Nail Salon

Struggling and successful nail salons may both benefit from adding another moneymaking scheme under the same roof. Whether by taking advantage of empty space in the salon or renting out adjacent square footage in a mall or arcade setting, nail salon proprietors can capitalize on the nature of their existing business to make extra income with minimal added effort.

Business Ideas for Your Nail Salon
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Here are six ideas for add-on businesses to go along with a nail salon:


Many customers of a nail salon are likely to also use tanning beds. If there is room to spare, installing tanning beds is a great way to churn up extra money without investing in major renovations or supply orders. Folks coming in for the tanning may stay after for a manicure, or vice versa.


Another great idea for utilizing a section of unused space in a nail salon are a pair of massage rooms. Buy a couple of well-made massage tables to entice masseuses into renting out the rooms. While massage therapists typically own their own tables, they often must settle for lower quality models; whereas the upgrade may encourage them to pay a little extra in rent per month. Just make sure to check credentials: most jurisdictions require massage therapists be certified.

Hair Salon

A whole row of nail salon chairs can be converted into a row of stylist’s chairs if need be. Add mirrors and counters underneath, and you’re good to go. Like with massage therapy, it’s important to make sure the hair stylists being hired are certified per the law’s requirements. The result is the making of a “one stop shop” for folks looking to clean up their appearance.


It sounds a little unconventional, but nail salons with large amounts of unused space and/or neighboring vacant boutiques may consider converting the void into a laundromat. Here is the line of reasoning: laundry takes time, especially the automatic drying process. Customers can get their nails done while waiting for the cycles to finish. Or, they can recruit their kids to handle laundry duty while they indulge in a little makeover.

Perfume Counter

The great thing about putting a perfume counter in a nail salon is it doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. In fact, even crammed salons can make the perfume counter idea work by multi-purposing the front counter. Simply put, clients post manicure or pedicure are feeling great about themselves, and are more likely to pick up a new bottle of scent while at the nail salon.

Gift Cards

Last but not least is the simple act of selling gift cards. While beauty supply seems obvious, expand into realms which appear to have nothing to do with cosmetics and nails. Gift cards for home improvement stores, game shops, and restaurants will do just fine. The reason is because many salon customers, especially around the holidays, are going to be feeling a little “guilty” about getting their nails done. At the counter, they may see a gift card for their husband or child and decide it’s a good idea to buy one.

Nail salons – even the successful ones – are seemingly limited in the scope of their profit potential. There are only so many hands and feet out there, and only so many chairs at a time. The solution may be to add another venture. Whether it’s indoor sunbathing, masseuse services, hair stylists, clothes washing, fragrance, or presents for others, there is an array of options available to nail salon proprietors worldwide.

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