Chemical Solutions For The Construction Industry

The Canadian construction industry has been working hard to meet the demands of growth, especially in terms of urban planning and development. All the markets in the construction industry — adhesives and mastics; asphalt; concrete; caulks and sealants; mortars; renders and stuccos; or roofing — need to be prepared for the challenges of expansion. Finding the right chemical supplier for materials should be an essential goal for every market within the industry.

Chemical Solutions For The Construction Industry
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Every market in the construction industry needs a reliable chemical supplier for their various materials. Materials will need chemical solutions like biocides, clays, de-foamers, fillers, extenders, resins, rheology modifiers and solvents to function properly. Markets can rely on a respectable supplier like CCC Chemicals who carries all of these chemical solutions specifically for the construction industry, and they work to respond to the needs of the industry with new high-quality chemical solutions and insightful customer service. They also offer environmentally-friendly products to encourage sustainability and limit environmental impact.

Sustainability is one of the most pressing concerns affecting the construction industry at the moment. The industry generates between 25 to 40% of the world’s carbon emissions and consumes a significant amount of the world’s raw materials. The world is more aware of climate change, environmentalism, and the negative impact that people can have on the planet when they are not paying attention. The average citizen wants to combat issues that lead to environmental harm, so the construction industry is stepping up to a difficult but necessary challenge. Chemical suppliers are working to help the construction industry by utilizing green chemistry to replace potentially hazardous chemicals. With green chemistry, more and more sustainable chemical solutions are being produced for the industry in order to limit environmental impact and meet the challenges of the modern world.

Another concern that the construction industry is facing is accelerated expansion in urban areas. Urban planning and development projects are multiplying to account for population growth and business expansion, and the construction industry will need to work hard to keep up. For example, the city of Ottawa calculated that its population had grown from 800,000 in 2001 to 975,000 residents in 2017. The city estimated that if their residential population continued to grow at the same pace, they would reach 1.2 million residents by the year 2036. The amount of construction required for housing expansion and infrastructure maintenance in urban areas like Ottawa will be substantial. The construction industry will be needing safe and sustainable chemical products in order to face the growth of urban areas in Canada.

The construction industry is facing many challenges today, especially the pressures of environmentalism and urban development. All of the markets within the construction industry need chemical suppliers that meet these challenges head-on with sustainable chemical products, industry experience, and strong customer service. Choosing a supplier like CCC Chemicals will be a strong solution for the construction industry, helping them take on modern issues with their best foot forward.

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