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Today, the world’s climbing back to health after the blow from recession….now again is the time when the economies worldwide are achieving a stunning pace when it comes to the growth-rate. For a while, through the time when we were seeing a dip in the economy, the buzz became to invest in companies & then sit back to reap benefits once the economy came back to being normal. Today, it seems like we’ll be having much greater augmentation in the following years & investing in stocks will provide tremendous profits. It is no doubt that automobile, banking & gold sectors are by far the hottest & best investments today! We all know very well that ‘investments’ are a solid element of our life….so much so that even the young generation is extremely eager to invest & secure their future.

This article is a compilation of the Best Companies to Invest in the year 2012 to reap immense profits within no time.

List of the Best Companies

TRW Automotive Holdings

The automotive industry’s regarded as one of the top profitable businesses around the globe after the weapons industry & is an industry that isn’t probable to dip anytime soon! Massive auto sell-outs (motive parts) have heightened this particular company in providing the highest ever share to the investors of this company.

The total shareholder returns in the previous Years’: 563.3%


Dillard is a chain of department-stores that has achieved an excellent growth by adopting strategic stances by cutting their expenses during recession period.

The total shareholder returns in the previous Years’: 374.1%


Another maker of auto-parts, this company is currently working upon expanding the business & developing a few new devices that would best suit latest needs.

The total shareholder returns in the previous Years’: 501.0%

Tenet Healthcare

If you talk about companies that have combated near-death crisis & have then somehow reached the very top, Tenet Healthcare will be on the top of the list!  This company is leveraged still & has plans of starting a major debt repayment in 2012.

The total shareholder returns in the previous Years’: 368.7%


This company is a technology provider & information services company who initiated numerous cost-cutting programs to raise their profits.

The total shareholder returns in the previous Years’: 353.6%

Advanced Micro Devices

What happened is that the Intel domination on microchips lent a go-ahead for a less-expensive player like this company. As majority people became aware of other companies like Intel, they preferred their computers to have an AMD chip instead of Intel.

The total shareholder returns in the previous Years’: 348.1%

Ford Motors

Ford happens to be amongst the best companies to invest in 2011. Their market share growth rate has reached an inevitable momentum! They revamped their set of Taurus & Focus cars & promised an excellent return for their investors.

The total shareholder returns in the previous Years’: 336.7%


This is the world’s top manufacturers of mechanical machines & complex electronic (with a revenue of USD $6.6 billion in the fiscal year of 2011). The thing that sets this company apart from the others is the enormous supply chain (end-to-end) that they hold unlike any other manufacturer of electronics. This has helped them in serving their clients across the globe & also supported their rapid expansions. They operate in four continents & eighteen countries and have an employee base of approximately 45, 000 people working worldwide for them.

The total shareholder returns in the previous Years’: 291.1%

Health Management Associates

They have been fruitfully operating for more than 3 decades now in southeast & southwest areas in America (non-urban) & are amongst the best of acute care centre/hospitals. 30 years of being in service, they have really grown & have more than 71 hospitals/centre’ in fifteen states with an approximate 10,300 beds (licensed) and over 40,500 committed Associates. This company has excellent prospects for growth & is listed in the Fortune 500 companies.

The total shareholder returns in the previous Years’: 306.1%

Micron Technology

This is one innovative company that globally tides front position of semiconductors & memory-devices manufacturing. It happens to be amongst the most productive patent holders & have already made a mark with time. You can see memory-device components from Micron within most Servers, tablets, Networks, Mobiles & Ultrabooks.

The total shareholder returns in the previous Years’: 300.0%

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