5 Popular Cities in the United States for Remote Workers

With today’s incredible technology, remote working has become a new norm for employees, freelancers, and business owners. The freedom to work from anywhere and in the comfort of your own home is incredibly luxurious and offers numerous opportunities to build the lifestyle you want.

Many remote workers are finding that they no longer need to be located near the office anymore. Instead, they can move out of the city to larger open spaces where they can have more room in their home and own a piece of land. A quick call to a realtor and Black Tie Moving company can help you start a new life without changing jobs.

Below are five of the most popular cities in the United States for remote workers that you may want to consider.

1. Austin, Texas

Get your cowboy hat out and ready for a rodeo down in Texas! Austin, Texas, is the number one city for remote workers in the United States right now. With a whopping 38.8% of the population already working remotely, you’ll find a large community of people living a similar lifestyle as you.

There are also a ton of cafes and coffee shops where you can set up your office for the day so you can get out of the house once in a while. Another perk is the 0% income tax in Texas!

2. Nashville, Tennessee

Another state with no income tax is Tennessee. With the bustling streets of Nashville, remote workers are flocking to this vibrant and musically-talented city to set up their home offices. With an affordable cost of living, great food, and friendly folk, Nashville is perfect for remote workers looking for a fun time, nearby nature, and a city environment.

3. Mesa, Arizona

Beautiful sunny weather will get you excited to open your laptop and start typing away for the day. With a low cost of living and gorgeous natural scenery, Mesa, Arizona, is a trending hotspot for remote workers.

Close enough to Phoenix to have exciting entertainment and activities but far enough away to have some peace and quiet, Mesa is the ideal place for working from home.

4. Jacksonville, Florida

Speaking of sunny weather, many remote workers are moving to the Sunshine State and settling down in Jacksonville, Florida. Nearby sandy beaches are perfect for taking a mid-day walk or lunch or relaxing on the weekends with friends and family.

Florida also does not have an individual state income tax. So, remote workers could be saving quite a hunk of cash each year when filing their taxes.

5. Denver, Colorado

For those remote workers who consider themselves to be young professionals, Denver, Colorado, maybe the city for them to thrive and become part of a larger like-minded community. Denver is known for its beautiful views, close proximity to the mountains for skiing and hiking, and of course, the craft beer scene. With an affordable cost of living, friendly people, and beautiful scenery, Denver is welcoming remote workers from across the nation.

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