How to Make More Money Out of Your Restaurant

Whether you’ve owned a restaurant for years or this is your first step into the restaurant world, there are always ways to improve your restaurant to make it more profitable. Here are just a few ways you can gather more dedicated clientele in your establishment.

1. Offer Tastings

Carve out your niche in your local restaurant market by offering tastings of your special dishes, wines, beers, or appetizers. If you are known for your delectable selection of cheeses, offer cheese tastings accompanied by wine. You may also include special tastings of your famous selection of waffles, or a flight of your guest’s choice of any beers. Offering alcohol is a great selling point and deals will get customers interested. A California liquor license may be pricey but it’s an excellent investment to keep a steady stream of customers.

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Today, guests want the freedom to choose, and sometimes just a little bit of everything will do the trick. What better way for them to find their favorite item on the menu then by a little trial and error? After they find the food or drink they love most, encourage them to review your restaurant on Yelp, where they can write a glowing review of your generous selection and the item they loved most on the menu.

2. Host Special Events

One of the easiest ways to boost profits is by hosting events. Events ranging from holiday celebrations to weekly rendezvous will help take your business to the next level. If you find that traffic slows in your restaurant during the week, try hosting events to get the nine to five crowd interested. Some eateries, for example, host trivia nights during a certain night of the week. Others hold fast to long standing traditions such as the ever popular “Taco Tuesday” or “Wing Wednesday.” Offer special deals for the big game every Sunday, or any number of unexpected themed events that suit the personality of your establishment. Fight the competition by giving your restaurant a creative edge.

3. Create a Social Media Presence

Millions of people use social media apps to research where they’d like to eat. Today, it is commonplace for people to look up reviews before visiting an establishment. Sites such as Yelp and Foursquare allow users to fully research the opinions of others on the food, the atmosphere, and even the service. It may seem intimidating, but these review sites are incredibly useful. Encourage happy customers to review you on Yelp, and do your part by providing excellent food and service. Some restaurants offer a special deal like a free ice cream dessert or a drink for posting a review. Of course, not all reviews will be positive.

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The truth is, no matter how much you try, not everyone will love your restaurant.

While this may seem unfortunate, it is good to recognize that you cannot possibly please everyone. However, if you see a downward trend in reviews, it is time to seriously consider the way your run your establishment. Keep these tips in mind and boost your profits.

Let us not forget the innumerable amount of other sites available that will boost your business. Opentable is an example of an app that clientele use to reserve tables early. You can easily make your restaurant look like a hot commodity by offering reservations early, and also giving a chance to customer who otherwise wouldn’t wait in line. Finally, there are the old go-to websites to remember. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others are all excellent ways of reaching out to the community. Social media site provide an outlet where you can make yourself accessible and personable. Keep your sites dynamic and relevant with new photos of dishes, décor, and events. Notify your followers of the next special, guest chef, or new cocktail to really get noticed.

If you are a restaurant owner, you already know that you have to stay on trend to keep customers coming. Utilize these tips and you’ll be on your way to a thriving and bustling business.

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