How to Protect Property That’s Close to a Road

If you own property or land which is located near a busy road or highway, making sure that it is protected from the traffic and not at risk of being hit or damaged during a traffic collision is absolutely essential. Although collisions between vehicles and buildings are quite rare, it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to making sure that your property is protected as well as possible. We’ve put together some of the best things that you can do to protect any buildings, land, and more from a busy road.

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Crash Barriers

Armco crash barriers from Armco Barrier Supplies are one of the best ways to ensure that your property and land is protected from a busy road. Crash barriers can be installed around your property to prevent cars veering out of control and onto your land or worse, into a building. Crash barriers are especially useful for those in the farming community who own farms that are situated close by to motorways and other busy roads, as not only do they keep vehicles from crashing onto the land, they also keep farm animals from getting onto the road.

Good Lighting

If you own a property which is on a road, keeping it well-lit is important to safety. This is especially important if your property is situated on or near a road which is not very well-lit, for example a country lane which does not have many, or even any street lights at all. Keeping your property lit up during the night and in bad weather will alert drivers to its presence a lot sooner than if it was in the dark, helping to keep accidents and road collisions to a minimum.

Warning Signs

Along with good lighting, putting up a warning sign near any part of your property which could potentially cause a hazard is important for keeping it safe and minimising the risk of any collisions. With a warning sign in place, drivers will be able to prepare a lot sooner than they would had they not been previously warned of the upcoming situation. This is especially important for farm properties which may have things such as cattle gates on roads that could potentially pose a risk to drivers.


Last but not least, having CCTV installed on your property can be a good way to see what is going on outside on the road and keep an eye on the traffic. If a collision does occur on your property or land, having CCTV installed will ensure that you can deal with it as quickly as possible to make sure that the minimum amount of damage is done.

Having CCTV is also useful in the event of a collision as it can be used as evidence for home insurance claims, etc.
If you have property, land or both which is situated close to a motorway or other busy road, ensuring that it is fully protected from any potential traffic accidents is vital.

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