Law Was About Justice – Is That Still True?

Safeguarding Your Business And Family Legally

The rule of law is designed, or was designed, to ensure the safety of the maximum number of citizens with the minimum amount of difficulty. The idea was to ensure you didn’t have a Mad Max scenario defining the United States through liberty unprotected by legal means.

While certain societies have been able to exist without a ubiquity of legal injunctions and police actions, they are few and far between. But in America, law has become different than it was even thirty years ago. Consider the DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, laws currently in effect. You can expect to pay $10k+ for a minimum first-time offense.

Do you have $10k just lying around? Now, granted, those charges are in the more severe states, and they’ll usually be spread out over about three years. That’s only an average of about $277 a month; but can you and your family afford that? Also, the hard, more expensive quotients of that $10k happen toward the beginning.

Law Was About Justice
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That’s the environment today. Thirty, forty years ago, a DUI charge would be a night in the clink sleeping off your inebriation and a fine usually under a thousand dollars. Things have changed, and it seems to be getting more restrictive, not less restrictive.

Local governments must take accusations seriously, and oftentimes those accusations can come from the least trustworthy sources. Say you’ve got an ex-girlfriend who has fallen on hard times, and sees that you’re doing well with your new family. She decides to come up to you and perhaps seek an affair. You say: “no”. She accuses you of rape.

Alibis Notwithstanding

Now, you have a solid alibi, and besides which you’re innocent: you did nothing of the kind. But criminal accusations of this type are often taken seriously, and the political leanings of Colorado make the words of a woman more weighty than those of a man; just consider the “reasonable woman standard” if you don’t believe that.

Additionally, false allegations of things like rape are rather regular in modern American society. Now, granted, this doesn’t happen to the vast majority of people. But it only needs to happen once for your job, your family, your financial security, and your own psychological peace of mind to be permanently undermined for the rest of your life.

Then there are cases where you’ve accidentally transgressed the law, but the offense isn’t nearly so egregious as the charges and severity of “punishment” being brought to bear against you. If you don’t have legal representation, you can expect the fullest force of the law to be brought against you even should you have no previous record.

According to, a firm offering clients the possibly life-changing benefit of a Colorado criminal defense lawyer, “If an arrest in Colorado Springs has made your future uncertain, you and your family need the peace of mind that only an aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney can provide.”

Arrests Look Bad

Especially if there has been an arrest involved, going to court without legal defense is a sure way to get the book thrown at you and find yourself spending years under the weight of a charge which may or may not actually represent justice. America’s litigious nature has made jurisprudence a business today.

Prosecutors can secure better clients if they can get more severe charges, fines, and penalties leveled against defendants. It’s in their business interests to throw you under the bus. Getting a criminal defense attorney is the wisest choice when you’re under suspicion of anything, no matter your innocence.

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