Innovative Small Business Ideas for Immigrants

If you are an immigrant and new to the U.S soil, and want to earn your livelihood legally; then you can either get a job or start any small business. For both of these you need to have an Individual Taxpayer Identity Number or ITIN, which will serve as your tax identity. If you’re starting a business then, as an employer, you should apply for an EIN i.e. Employer Identification number but you can only get it once you have an ITIN number or a Social Security Number (SSN). But the Question arises how to get an ITIN? You can easily get an ITIN by filing an IRS form W-7 and providing the required documents along with it. The documents that you will most probably need are; your identification documents, income details, tax returns etc.

Small Business Ideas

Apply for ITIN using any following methods; you can either mail in your documents along with filled W-7 form on the mailing address of IRS or you can take some expert help by filing your case through an authorized IRS agent. You can also directly take an appointment at your nearest IRS tax-payers assistance center to directly file your ITIN application. When they have verified your details they will mail your ITIN number.

Innovative Business Ideas:

You may be wondering, what businesses you can start when you are not a citizen and also low on funds. Here are some ideas to help you start any business on small scale with limited finances.

Starting a Repairing Shop:

Starting a Repairing Shop
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If you have some technical knowledge you can open a small repairing shop or you can start providing repairing services directly from your home.

Providing Cleaning Services:

Providing Cleaning Services
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One more business that you can start on your own at a small scale is the cleaning business. You can provide different sort of cleaning services i.e. from cleaning chimneys to managing lawns. If you want, you can also start car cleaning services.

Pet Care Services:

Pet Care Services
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If you love pets, then setting up a pet day-care center is a great business idea. You can give caring services like grooming services, first aid etc.

Interior Designing Consultant:

Interior Designing Consultant
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To be a good interior decorator, all you need is a good taste and sense of arranging things in particularly unique manner. People who are buying new homes or re-decorating are always in need of some specialized opinion, and if you have the desired skills, this is definitely the ideal work for you.

Event organizers:

If you are social, resourceful and have good experience in public dealing, then event organizing is an extremely enjoyable business. You just have to be up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques that are currently being followed around the globe and you can succeed as an amazing and brilliant event organizer.

Event organizers

For all these businesses you will need proper technical qualifications according to the business you want to pursue. In order to make your business more competitive you should introduce new methods in your businesses which are different from the others, making it more unique and appealing because what looks good, sells best.

Always remember that real life techniques apply in business as well, here are some great techniques which you can use: 5 life lessons to apply to businesses.

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