5 Reasons Why Businesses are Choosing Vinyl Banners vs. Paper or Fabric

A growing number of businesses — from small startups to large enterprises — are using professionally-produced banner signs to make an impact, connect with their community, stand out in a crowded marketplace, and make a splash at a special event (indoor or outdoor). Below are the five key reasons why vinyl — and not paper or fabric — is often the banner material of choice:

Vinyl Banners vs. Paper or Fabric

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1.    The “Wow” Factor

Because vinyl banners use digital printing, the colors are extremely rich and sharp. This is particularly effective in crowded settings when it is a challenge to stand out and get attention, or when the banner will be part of photos that will be posted online to websites, social media, etc., or that might end up in print newspapers, magazines, brochures, newsletters, etc. Indeed, as we all know: businesses only get one chance to make a powerful and positive first impression.

2.    Lasting Durability

Vinyl is much stronger than paper or fabric, and can withstand inclement weather including wind and rain (mesh vinyl can also be used to allow wind to flow through the banner, which reduces flapping and makes it even more tear resistant). The imprint is also fade resistant.

3.    Large and in Charge

Vinyl banners can be quite large and seen from a distance. They can also display a surprising amount of information clearly, such as a list of awards or achievements, a special “thank you” to customers or employees, and so on.

4.    Easy Maintenance

As noted vinyl banners are extremely durable — which would not be such an advantage if they were not also very easy to maintain. Unlike fabric (and paper is not even part of this particular conversation), vinyl banners wipe clean,and can be used again and again. They also roll up neatly without creasing.

5.    Cost Effective

Because they last so long and look as good as the day they were printed, vinyl banners are extremely cost effective. Plus, they do not require costly edging to remain stable and view able in the wind (which is not the case with paper or fabric banners, which need reinforcements to avoid flapping).

The Bottom Line

Banner signs are growing in popularity, and while paper, fabric and other options have their place, vinyl is clearly becoming the material-of-choice for the reasons noted above. Just remember that to reap the rewards — and make the right impression on your target audience every time — have your banner designed and printed by professionals. The DIY route isn’t professional-grade, and as with everything else in business and in life, you get what you pay for.

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