Why Motor Fleet Insurance is better than a Per Car Policy

It is an obvious and basic requirement for any automobile to have insurance but by having a Per Car Policy you are doing yourself and your business a disservice by missing out on the many benefits you could get from Motor Fleet Insurance. If you are a company with more than one registered vehicle or indeed a substantial number of various different types then Motor Fleet Insurance is the right choice for you. But what exactly are the benefits you will get from this insurance and where can you find it?

Where to find it and Immediate Benefits

Like any insurance you will want the best cover and deal for you, Catlin Holdings Limited offer all kinds of different cover and a fantastic range of deals that you can personalise to suit your specific range of vehicles.

Motor Fleet Insurance

The definite benefits you will find from this insurance include:

One for all – the clearest perk is the fact this is a single policy that will apply to everything you have in your company fleet. Not only is this far less hassle to organise, it is far more straightforward to manage, renew and keep abreast of.

Cheaper Cost – overall you will save more financially as the expense will be far less for the overall policy than paying out for each individual.

Whatever the vehicle and person – you can pick and choose from a selection of motorists for a selection of vehicles which avoids any issues regarding swapping drivers around. Furthermore there are fewer restrictions on the drivers and the vehicles themselves, so depending on their age and experience this can lower excess, as well as giving you more flexibility and choice.

Your needs – should you require travel into the EU this can apply to your policy and should you wish to cover any goods carried, this again will fall under one single policy. The choices are yours to make.

Future Benefits

Another way to look at this type of cover is as an investment into the future of your company. The money that you save in the long run you could use to expand commercial operations or perhaps use to improve or augment your current fleet of vehicles.

The beauty of what you decide to do with your cover is just that, it is your choice; you could make a profit and gain peace of mind from one hassle-free policy with Motor Fleet Insurance.


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