5 Common Causes and Cures for Facial Flushing

Facial Flushing Causes

Flushing is nothing but an allergy that occurs due to skin dilates in the blood vessels and also flushing can occur due to the activity of nerves in the blood vessels due to sweating agents in our intake food that acts directly on the blood vessels and causes flushing. There are many causes for flushing in the face let us see each and every causes in detail,

  1. Intake of alcohol.
  2. Food addictives.
  3. Eating habits.
  4. Neurological problems.
  5. Drugs.
  6. Other causes of fleshing.

Flushing due to alcohol:

  1. Asian people are prone to attack by flushing because of alcohol that cannot be cured unless they stop drinking it because for people who are drinking alcohol gets allergies in their face and a well known in this category is face flushing.
  2. Tyramine and histamine are substance in certain beverages like beer and wine that can cause flushing in the face.
  3. Flushing may also occur due to  certain chemical reaction by drinking beer and expose to certain chemical vapor that are produced in the industry such as trichloroethylene vapor,N,N dim ethyl form amide can cause  flushing.

Certain drugs can cause flushing to the people drinking alcohol.

Let us see that drugs that causes flushing in the face:  they are disulfiram, chlorpropamide, calciumcarbamide, phentolamine, and metronidazolea. For some flushing comes because of mushrooms also i.e. when they eat mushroom with alcohol they prone to this. Flushing due to food additives

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  1. Monosodium glutamate which is used as a preservative in the Chinese restaurants may also cause flushing so it is known as Chinese syndrome.
  2. Sodium nitrite is another preservative that is used in certain foods like cured meats, bacon, salami, ham may also cause flushing in the face accompanied with a headache.
  3. Sulphides that is present in certain products like beer,wine,desserts,fried and frozen vegetables ,prawns, milk products may also cause face flushing for certain people.
  • Flushing occurs with eating:

  1. It is very common that at certain weather condition foods which are common may cause flushing such as spicy food and also hot beverages may cause flushing.
  2. Flushing can come one sided for certain people because of some sweating agents.
  3. Gustatory flushing is another type of flushing that can occur along with excessive salvation, tear production and nasal secretion that come with no history of parotid gland injury. Patients who are suffering from flushing should not in take chili pepper that can cause flushing immediately.
  4. Face flushing is associated with dumping syndrome which can is caused due to racing heart, tummy upset. Which can also occur due to a surgery in the face and also syndrome becomes worst after menopause.
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  • Neurological flushing:

  1. Anxiety may cause flushing.
  2. Brain tumors may also cause flushing.
  3. Migraine headache causes face flushing.
  4. Hyper tension also causes flushing.
  • Drugs causes flushing:

  1. Calcium tablets can cause flushing on the face for some people.
  2. Morphine may cause flushing because body will not accept these kinds of drugs for some people.
  3. Thyroid releasing hormone may also cause face flushing.
  4. Systematic steroid can cause more side effects and also it leads to flushing.
  • Other causes for flushing:

  1. Headache, sickness, vomiting may cause flushing as well.
  2. Diarrhea can produce flushing.
  3. Characinoid tumor can cause fleshing to the people.
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  • Treatments for facial flushing:


Beta blocker is a different combination of drug that can be used to block certain hormones that can cause flushing in the face and some other parts. These drugs act on the nervous system and can help us to block the hormone. Let us see propanolol which is used for treating migraines.


SSRI is a type of drug that can be used as an antidepressant medication tool that can be used widely to treat depression, anxiety disorders and personality disorders.

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The powerful substances that is present in the drug acts on the brain to work properly. Serotonin is a substance that is present in the brain and when it is in low level it can cause depression that can be treated using SSRI drug. These drugs can also stop flushing.


Eredicane is a drug which is used to treat flushing by in taking one pill per day that can produce considerable effects by reducing the effects of flushing but if we intake more pills that can produce more flushing in the body so the dosage should be taken carefully. Certain drugs like aspirin can produce good results but it is not widely recommended because it is used for treating migraines that cause more trouble to the people who are affected by this disease. Flushing can be stopped by taking proper medications.

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