8 Best Foods for Abs

Foods for Abs

A flat abdomen shows that you have a perfect figure that implies on your diet and exercise and your healthy lifestyle ultimately. To get a flat abdomen some of the energy efficient foodstuffs that will not add layers to your tummy are:

1. Lean protein:

These proteins are source for muscle builders. Muscles are the factories breaking down fats and accelerates metabolism. Including a lot of lean protein like fish, skinless rooster and purple meat, will improve the muscle build up and reduces fat deposition. These proteins are rich in nutrients like vitamin K, B12 and iron. Chicken meat is supposed to be a better lean protein diet than other kinds of meat, because in chicken meat the fat is localized near the layer of the skin unlike other meat sources. However, red meat has riboflavin, which is not so in chicken.

2. Almonds and Different Nuts:

All nuts contain healthy monounsaturated fats that lend a handful of help in reducing weight by cutting down your cravings that you have been struggling hard to shun away. Almonds are rich in minerals, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous and calcium. They also contain high amounts of oleic acid as in olive oil. These nuts and almonds are rich in vitamin E that increases fertility and immunity. The phenolics and flavonoids in almonds and nuts are involved in improving the blood flow, and the constituents contain anti-inflammatory, immunity boosters and anti-hepatoxicity effects.

3. Dairy and Dairy Products and Eggs:

The use of dairy in your daily food is inevitable and including low fat dairy and dairy products of five serving aid in losing more fat than the regular three servings. Some of the good low fat foods are milk, yogurt and cottage cheese. In addition, including an egg in your daily morning breakfast reduces your diet intake during the later parts of the day.

4. Beans, Pulses and Whole Grains:

Whole grains have more fiber than fat building carbs that cuts on your diet intake and reduces fat building energy. Some of the high fiber containing whole grain products is oatmeal, brown rice and 100 percent whole wheat bread. Beans and different pulses like chickpeas, haricot beans, black beans, Cannellini beans and kidney beans are some of the prime fibers containing foodstuff that builds up muscle and reduces fat build up. Some of the other beans like the soy and soy products contains great source of proteins, antioxidants and other fibers.

5. Apples, pears and berries:

There is nothing that can outweigh the beneficial effect of apples and pears. These two fruits are high in fibers and contain compounds that fight against cancer, reduce cholesterol damage and are good for your lungs. They help the proper functioning of digestive system. Pears are unlike apples rich in pectin while apples are rich in iron and both contain high amount of soluble fibers that fights against toxins into the body also. Pears are rich in calcium unlike apples. In fact, these days in countries where pears are available in plenty, pears are recommended more than apples.

Berries are more than fruits and are not vegetables. They are loaded with fiber and contain fiber-trapping compounds. These are also rich in antioxidants and can protect you against chronic diseases like cancer. They also help to improve blood flow. Some of the common berries are raspberries, blueberries, boysenberries, gooseberries and black currants. What makes these more than a fruit is their richness in natural plant pigments like poly phenols such as flavanoids, anthocyanins and tannins that are localized in the skin of the fruits and in the seeds. This is the reason why eating fruits with skin is recommended highly, after a thorough wash in clean water to remove the external pesticidal residues. This also increases the fiber intake.

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6. Trans fat-free foods:

Some of the man made shelf stable products like trans-fat allow accumulating fat in the belly. This fat can be prevented from being accumulated by using products made of low hydrogenated oil. The food cannot be entirely trans-fat free as for example peanut butter, soybean oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil and cottonseed oil are some of the most common hydrogenated oils that are low in bad cholesterol.

7. Fatty Fish:

The omega-3-fatty fish helps to reduce fat storage by turning on genes for burning excess fat. Some of the fatty fish will include salmon, tuna, sardines, herring and mackerel.

Seafood has been complemented as the best abs-friendly protein and fatty is highly recommended than lean fish. These fatty acids have also been attributed in reducing the occurrence of coronary heart disease. These are also high in calories, slow down the growth of plaques, and have been known to reduce inflammatory response in the body.

8. Veggie Soup, Leafy green vegetables other vegetables:

Veggie soup is one diet that is very helpful in reducing the fat much more than how much food that someone consumes as a snack. This is a very staple diet with varying supplements that also contains highly protein rich skimmed milk. At the same time, avoid complementing the foodstuff with unhealthy food like fried foods, alcohol, fizzy drinks and others. Rather consuming unsweetened tea, black coffee, fresh juice and lots of water for slimming down. Rice with soup is a very good alternative to diet.

Spinach and different vegetables are very important fiber containing diet that can bulk up your meals without any additional fat build up. In addition, these vegetables contain carotenoids that are very good friend of diet builders and fights against cancers. They are also very good source of calcium preventing muscle contraction. Some of the juicy vegetables that can help you are broccoli, spinach, Chinese kale, and many others. These leafy greens are also called potherbs and are cooked before consuming. The best way of consuming them is as boiled vegetables. These low calories diet, which is high in phytochemicals like vitamin C, carotenoids, lutein and folic acid and vitamin K. They have the highest number of variants nearing more than a thousand.

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